June 18, 2014

1974 Ford Econoline Van

1974 Ford Econoline Van

Here's what we found an American vintage surfer van by Ford built in 1974, it's a Ford Econoline super clean, all original, very nice interior and sound system, and has rebuilt 302/v8 106k low miles. starts and runs like a dream - dual exhaust. Overall this very nice van ready for a daily driver and touring car.

Detail about this Van 
1974 E200 - super clean - all original - slight mods - vintage 70's surf van -
collector or vanni'n enthusiast - surf - camping - classic van

Rebuilt 302/v8 106k low mi. Starts and runs like a dream - dual exhaust
Great compression - 2 bbl
Power steering
Automatic refurbished
Alternator/starter/12v wiring updated
New brakes- cylinders. Shoes, hardware.
Replace 2 row radiator/ hoses
New carpets
Sony head unit with sony 4 speaker system
Fully insulated and paneled
Custom 2 stage paint super smooth graphics
Original wheels with chrome beauty rings

Side notes: the completely changed appearance of the second-generation ford econoline which was introduced in early 1968 is obvious. notice the new inward-curving upper bodysides with completely different characters, the enlarged grille and the forward-positioned front wheels. besides twin-i-beam front suspension and wide-track axles, chassis changes included a larger 24-gallon fuel tank, a more vertical steering column, 52-inch rear springs, orscheln parking brake control and center-point steering linkage. distinguishing this E-100 cargo regular van from its predecessors were a 2,500-pound front suspension capacity, standard 3,050-pound rear axle and a greater base gwv 4,500 pounds, since there were now three econolines series; E-100, E-200 E-300, the former heavy duty package was no longer catalogued. two wheelbases were now offered, the regular's 105.5-inch and the supervan's 123.5-inch.

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