June 25, 2014

1979 Subaru Leone 1600 Station Wagon Fully Restored

1979 Subaru 1600 Station Wagon Fully Restored For Sale

Here's the first generation of Subaru Leone 4wd compact car produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries. What offered a Subaru 1600 5-door station wagon body type was released in 1979. Sold alongside the second generation Leone introduced in 1979 until 1982. The word "Leone" is Italian for lion.

The Leone has been fully restored by a Subaru dealer in the US, including its engine and the interior, all rebuild and refreshed, and everything is well-presented in photos. Hard to find imperfections from here, was listed on eBay about five days ago, and the bid stuck at 15K.

Detail about this Leone
1979 Subaru 1600 Station Wagon 4wd manual transmission.
This wagon has been fully restored. We are a Subaru dealer and restored it for our showroom. The original motor was disassembled and completely gone through. It has all new gaskets and seals. It was given a complete paint job and all rust was repaired. It has a new windshield, carpet, tires, and brakes. We had the dash sent off for restoration. Other than the carpet the interior is all original. The Subaru runs and operates great!

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