August 20, 2014

1981 Lancia Beta Zagato

1981 Lancia Beta Zagato

Here's we found the Italiano classic spyder car by Lancia built in 1981, it's a Lancia Beta (Type 828) two-door convertible called the Spyder (or Zagato in America). In brochures Lancia spelt the name with a "y" rather than an "i" possibly to differentiate the car from the Alfa Romeo Spider. The Spyder used the coupé's shorter wheelbase and featured a targa top roof panel, a roll-over bar and folding rear roof. The Spyder was designed by Pininfarina but actually built by Zagato.

Detail about this Zagato
1981 Lancia Beta Spyder / Zagato finished in "Azuro" blue with black interior, has 100K miles and problems started popping up very quickly, such as non-functional lights and signals, bad distributor and magnetic pickup, the need for a new head gasket, poor tires, bad brakes, cooling issues, and more. So, here's what is done :

  • New magnetic pickup
  • New distributor
  • New battery
  • Completely flushed and professionally rebuilt radiator
  • Recently rebuilt engine with new head gasket, valves, timing belt, and new stock pistons
  • New clutch
  • New fuel filter
  • Recent spark plugs, air filter, oil change
  • All lights and signals now fully functional, major electrical work all sorted out
  • New Kenwood stereo and speakers
  • Replaced power window actuators (though the driver's one is now acting up)
  • New brake pads
  • New Falken tires
  • The car has a recently acquired set of four beautiful original correct Lancia wheels that were re-finished completely, and look basically new
  • The seats have been all re-done in an extraordinarily high quality vinyl that mimics the texture of leather. They are soft, comfortable, and very durable.
  • Recent floor mats in good condition
  • New driver's and passenger's door seals
  • Hard top has new headliner
  • NOS locks installed (with keys) for glove box, driver's door, passenger door, and trunk
  • New ignition switch and key
  • New suspension bushings and shock inserts from Betaboyz in the UK
  • Comes with spare tire and wheel in trunk, as well as the vinyl boot that covers and snaps down upon the rear folding top.
  • Comes with a custom-fitted cover that I got from IAP for about $275 that's in good condition and was purchased in the last year.
  • CA smog test was just completed (with flying colors), and I have just renewed the registration. The car will have new tags on it within a few days.

Both tops on the car are in great condition. Drives well, handles well, nice peppy motor. Steering and brakes work great. Paint shows really well. Makes a good sound, and is just a real pleasure all around. Reliable and fun. Serviced exclusively by Alfa Italia in Burbank, have all service records. A couple of boxes of parts (some rare) also come with the car.

  • There's very little rust. A little bit of rust that found is in the form of a bubble forming on the hood. There's also a tiny bit in an area near the passenger side of the chrome trim surrounding the windshield. The last one on the rear trunk lid, just above the Lancia logo. It's been treated with a rust-stopping primer type substance.
  • There's some trim on the inside of the windshield, an area about three inches long, that is coming undone and needs to be pressed back into place somehow.
  • The front suspension will bottom out slightly if you drive it too quickly over large bumps. The car is somewhat low.
  • Neither heating nor A/C are functional. Apparently it's due to a vacuum leak in that system.
  • 2nd gear is sometimes a little stiff to get into. It doesn't crunch at all, it just takes more effort than the other gears, or the right revs, to make it smooth. Usually with higher revs, it slots in easier. Owner mechanic insists that it's fine and not worth re-doing the tranny over. Does NOT need a new synchro.
  • The driver's power window motor sometimes take a couple of tries to get it to move. Both windows are slow, which is extremely typical for these cars.
  • The passenger window should only be lowered to about 2" from the bottom of the window frame. If you go below that, it doesn't come back up easily and you have to give it an assist with your hand to get it going.
  • Window washers not functional (has old, cracked washer fluid tank).

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