August 30, 2014

2007 Honda S2000 Mugen

2007 Honda S2000 Mugen For Sale By Original Owner

2007 Honda S2000 Mugen

Here's the Japanese roadster produced by Honda. It's the second generation of the S2000 built in 2007. The S2000 is a modern roadster successor of Honda's traditional roadsters S500, S600, and S800 in the 60's era. The car was offered for sale by the original owner looking for a new home.

Detail about this roadster by Owner
2007 Honda S2000 (AP2)
GPW (grand prix white) exterior
Black/Red interior
98,000+ miles
Clean Title
License plate: S2KLEAN
Smog Passed (11/2013)
Registration Renewed (7/2014)

Factory Features:
  • power windows
  • power locks
  • power mirrors
  • power steering
  • cruise control
  • VSA (vehicle stability assistance aka traction control)
  • front right fender dented
  • front lip cracked
  • headlights slightly foggy
  • two rips in the soft top (3" and 5")
  • rear right quarter panel dented by bottom left of passenger door
  • removed interior trunk panel lining
Maintenance Log (within the past 24 months):
  • oil change (Mobile 1 Full Synthetic, OEM Honda oil filter, OEM Honda crush washer)
  • radiator fluid change (OEM Honda anti-freeze)
  • transmission fluid change (OEM Honda MTF)
  • clutch fluid change (Motul 1 RBF 600)
  • brake fluid change (Motul 1 RBF 600)
  • differential fluid change (Amsoil Severe Gear, OEM Honda fill plug washer)
  • rear differential (OEM Honda)
  • master slave cylinder (OEM Honda)
  • cabin air filter change (OEM Honda)
  • windshield wiper upgrade (Bosch Evolution)
  • brake pads upgrade (Hawks Performance Ceramic)
  • caliper rebuild (Brembo seals and dust boots, fresh paint and clear-coat)
  • spark plugs change (OEM Honda NGK Platinum)
  • head gasket change (OEM Honda)
  • valve adjustment
  • 4 wheel alignment (custom toe, camber, caster settings)
  • 90% new rear tires
  • just flipped and rotated front tires
  • brand new Gold top battery (latest maintenance 8/23)
  • compression test figures returned positively across the board
  • leak down test percentages were below 5% through all cylinders
Some additional 'maintenance' was then handled as upgrades including (but not limited to) the clutch, flywheel, etc. listed below

The original owner was my buddy from middle/high school. After a year, financial constraints forced him to sell and I immediately took the opportunity to purchase it from him in 2008 with 15,600 miles. Between him and I, the vehicle has seen nothing but 91 octane from Chevron. Why? Because we're anal and consistency is great.

Browse the online forums or speak to any long-term S2000 owner and you'll learn the vehicle, like many others, comes with soft spots from the factory; The S2000's top most wearing parts are the inevitable soft-top rips, clutch master cylinder leak and rear differential damage. All have been replaced at the first sign of wear with the exception of the soft-top, where I purchased a brand new hard-top instead. I must stress the fact that the vehicle has never been 'broken down' or unable to function due to any mechanical error to the motor or otherwise in its entire lifespan. Furthermore, the car is currently experiencing zero mechanical issues, motor or otherwise.

To remain consistent with maintenance, I often order my maintenance parts in larger quantities. Also included in the sale:
  • (4) OEM Honda oil filter
  • (4) OEM Honda oil plugs crush washers
  • (2) Amsoil Severe Gear differential fluids 1qt
  • (2) OEM Honda differential drain plug washers
  • (2) OEM Honda differential fill plug washers

I have a very large stack of maintenance receipts and logs with contacts to all the professional shops I brought the vehicle to for maintenance and upgrades.
  • OEM Honda AP2 front lip
  • Forbidden USA Carbon Fiber Mugen Hardtop (painted GPW with matching paint code)
  • JDP Carbon Fiber rear spoiler (painted GPW with matching paint code)
  • ASWF Excel 5% side window tint
  • LED license plates lights
  • Mugen shift knob
  • Alpine deck w/ LCD display, aux and iPod integration
  • Kicker Comp VR 10" subwoofer
  • Kicker zx400.1 amplifier
  • Kicker ported slim enclosure
  • LED dome lights
  • Pro Clip USA iPhone 5 mount
  • Modifry custom S2000 phone mount
Wheels & Suspension:
  • BBS LM limited edition F1 in Championship Gold (17x9 et40, 18x9 et35)
  • BBS red center caps
  • Kumho AST front, Falken FK453 rear
  • 3mm front spacers
  • Blox black closed-end lugs
  • Brembo 4 pot BBK
  • Brembo slotted rotors
  • Brembo stainless steel brake lines
  • Hawk Ceramic Composite pads
  • Buddy Club N+ coilovers
  • Invidia test pipe w/ o2 bung (no check engine light)
  • Greddy Ti-C dual exhaust
  • Comptech Stage 2 clutch
  • AP1 flywheel (7lbs lighter than AP2 flywheel. Bought new)
OEM parts:
  • front brake calipers + rotors + brake pads + brake lines
  • shift knob
If you interested, please visit link below