August 31, 2014

1969 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck

1969 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck

Here's American classic pickup truck produced by Dodge. it's a A100 built in 1969 was is the real contender to Chevrolet Van and Volkswagen Type 2, but not with rear air cooled engine, he same like Ford Econoline he has front water cooled engine. The driver on top of the front axle with the engine near the front wheels is called internationally a "cab over" vehicle.

Detail about this pickup 
this is a ver rare pickup in excellent condition.
engine is a dodge 318 v8 with 3 speed manual transmission
dual exhaust with flo master 50 series
new diamond back 15 inch wide white tires
truck has original body in excellent condition.

no rust anyplace-----clean body and under carriage
repained one time with factor color green/white

this is a real eye catcher and ready to travel anywhere
you wish to go.

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