November 27, 2014

Custom 1951 Pontiac Chieftain

Custom 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Daily Driven

Here's the first generation of Pontiac Chieftain released in 1951 by the Pontiac Motors Division of General Motors. This full-size 2-door coupe had fully custom and modified. This car is a daily driven, it's no garage queen, tho it does spend every night protected in one and is more than show-worthy... It's taken to every classic show in Northern California with much love & respect from the scene.

This 1951 Pontiac Chieftain hardtop is part of the first-generation line built from 1949 to 1954. Based on the GM A platform and related to the Chevrolet Deluxe of the era, the first-gen Chieftain was offered with a selection of inline-six and straight-eight engines. This particular model left the assembly line with a straight-eight engine.

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't spend time explaining this Chieftain over the Ferrari 250 GTO. Thanks to the five chrome strips running across the center of the hood and trunk lid, the Chieftain looked unique among other classic cars currently.

Details by owner
1951 Pontiac Chieftain 2-Door Coupe
The entire car was built from the ground up. I've owned in since it was a bone stock, all original car.

The entire drive train has been gone thru, upgraded, and/or rebuilt.
The motor is a 283 60's v ett e, race ready, custom built 292 after machine work. completely taken down and rebuilt. has less than 6k miles on it.
It's got a lumpy cam, forged pistons, and a killer 4-jet carb that roars when it's opened up to it's optional straight pipe lakes...when it pulls into any show, no person can't stop and look for what the sound is coming from.

The motor alone is a $10k+ build, done old school, the way it was in 60's hot rod days with quality US made N OS and reclaimed or rebuilt G M parts....list is endless we can go over it in person. from the glass bowl fuel filter, the G M ram horns, ignition, the finned covers from the 60's, etc.
The transmission was fully gone thru and rebuilt as well, 4 speed with overdrive, adapted to the original column shifter...

The rear end is the original and fully rebuilt, with custom drive shaft and has been four-linked for a smooth drive at ANY ride height.

The suspension is a full custom job, with front and rear manual adjust ability. it's been bagged in a simple way, that fits the built of this car.
One of the most unique features, is that this does not use your typical loud 12volt compressors, rather a near silent belt driven compressor, originally designed for air conditioning.
Heavy duty custom shocks/mounts front to back, quality bags, and custom perches...even a reinforced rear cross member after being notched & tunneled.
It's a low rider and drives all the way down if you want, has great clearances all the way up, and looks fantastic when slammed down on the side pipes.

Original glass all around, working AM radio, interior dome light, all gauges, speedo, exterior lighting (yes the indian head lights up) and even vacuum is converted to 12volt.
The clock is disconnected and set at 5 o'clock (needs to be gone but get's hung up) because of obvious reasons...

The interior is a full custom job...have a look, it turned out unreal.
Everything is pleated, in hard to find Kodiak sparkle vinyl.
Original creme headliner goes perfect with the warm & classic feel. the creme seats are accented with red sparkle back and firewall pad...blood red crushed velvet carpet all piped with matching floor mats.
trunk is fully upholstered to match too...false walls hide the air tank and optima battery. has a hidden kill switch and stash bin no one would find.

the paint is near perfect. original colorway, but a respray.
again it's a driver, but it's also well cared for. no cancer at dents/dings/issues.
the roof is metallic navy with a very unique translucent flake, with a ton of clear. it pops in the shade, not the sun. pretty cool.

the chrome is all original and has a patina that works with the car...all pieces and stainless are intact...along with some additions and modification you can read about in the mod list below.

Power Train:

  • 283 '62 v ette block pumped up to 292 cubes
  • I ROC heads w/hardened seats (run pump gas no problem)
  • Forged pistons, crane fireball cam, race ready internals
  • Vintage cast aluminum valve covers & air cleaner
  • Rebuilt '54 4-jet carburator
  • G M ram horns w/straight piped lakes or glass pack reroutes
  • Period correct 60's hot rod motor...all vintage/NOS, reclaimed, and/or repurposed parts.
  • 700R4 4-speed overdrive w/custom linkage using stock column shifter
  • Rebuilt OE rearend
  • 12-volt (trunk mounted Optima)


  • Slam specialties 6" front bags w/custom cup & perch
  • Slam specialties 5" rear bags w/custom perch & cross member
  • 6" progressive semi-truck rubber rear spring bump stops
  • Mono-leaf, de-arched rear springs & blocks w/custom 4 link rear system
  • Custom track rod
  • Custom F&R control arms
  • Fatman dropped front uprights
  • Custom shock mounts F&R (heavy duty)
  • Custom front sway bar end links
  • Notched rear frame
  • Shortened drive shaft
  • Tunneled
  • Rear-end bell trunk notch
  • 3/8" air line
  • 5 gallon tank
  • 200lb. blow-off valve w/170-200 automatic pressure switch
  • Belt driven York AC air compressor/clutch w/oil recirculation kit & under-dash controls for air source


  • 15x6" chrome steelies
  • 5.5" wheel vintiques bullet front caps
  • Smoothie dog dish rear caps
  • L78 front/580 rear coker classic wide white bias plys


  • Full kustom pleated interior & trunk
  • Kodiak sparkle vinyl [champagne & blood red] seats, door panels, firewall, rear decklid, & trunk walls
  • Crushed red velvet marine grade carpet & floor mats, piped in champagne vinyl
  • Pontiac vanity mirrors
  • Venitian blinds
  • Hat holder
  • Red crystal suicide knob
  • 6" dash fan
  • Siren
  • Yellow/amber crystal door locks, knobs, & valve stem caps
  • Dash & door panel 1-shot (pin striping)

  • Crystal beth lil' daddy roth flake over metallic navy roof
  • 1.5-2" dropped F&R bumpers
  • Chevy over-rider plate relocations
  • OE silver streak add-on rear trim
  • Etched roses in glass
  • Door handle guards
  • 4" chrome peep mirror
  • NOS c hevy window vent shade visors
  • 80" triple lake pipes
  • Passenger side curb feelers
  • Chrome dummy spots
  • Stainless headlight visors
  • Stainless breezies
  • 5 toothed OE bumper guarded front bumper
  • Smoothed rear bumper
  • Original front bumper wing guards
  • Harley eagle plate frame
  • Black & yellow plate
  • Blue dot taillights
  • Original steel roof visor
  • Original steel skirts
  • Chev y bel-air skirt bloomers
  • Trunk, nose, side trim, & fuel door 1-shot (pin striping)

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