December 9, 2014

1929 Chevrolet Motorhome Class C

1929 Chevrolet Motorhome Class C

Antique Recreational Vehicle based on 1 1/2 ton truck by Chevrolet built in 1929. This home made Class C motorhome fairly good condition except on tires, should be replaced if you want to long journey. Awesome 85 years old RV ready to go.

Detail this RV by owner
1929 1 1/2 ton Chevy truck with a "HOME MADE" camper on it.
Dual Tired (The tires have been on the truck for close to 30 years we "think". I wouldn't drive the truck 5 miles without putting new tires on it. New breaks, less than 200 miles on the new breaks. It has a 1980/(we think that is the year) Olds V6 with automatic trans/power steering. It does drive. I have a mechanic doing a complete go through of the truck. It will have a new water pump, radiator flushed, new wires/plugs/rotor/ect and tune up. New air filter and anything else it needs. Mech will also go through the wiring on the lights, but they work also.

It obviously, as one can tell from the pictures, needs a complete restoration of the interior and exterior of the truck and the exterior and interior of the camper. The truck body has minimal surface rust. This is obviously also, one of a kind.

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No Longer Available