January 17, 2015

British Racing Green, 1971 MG MGB Roadster

British Racing Green, 1971 MG MGB Roadster

As the title it's a roadster comes in green offered by British automobile manufacturer MG Cars to American user. It's a purely two-seater car has a four-cylinder performance engine in it, and was borned in 1971 as the MGB series.

Detail by owner
British Racing Green (BRG) 1971 MG MGB Roadster. The condition of the car is very good but it would 100% be regarded as "driver quality" (as opposed to Concourse). The paint has some imperfections (not overly noticeable) and there are a few dings and dents although they are not too noticeable either unless you are close to the car --this is evidenced by the pictures. Some would call it patina since the car is over 40 years old. It is important to know that there is no rust on the car or bondo/filler or fiberglass. The Previous Owner (P.O.) had all rust cut out and replacement panels/donor parts installed. This MGB is 100% solid. The engine (4 CYL) is a replacement re-build that was done several years ago (by P.O.). It maintains about 50 PSI and pulls strong!

For those that know a lot about MGs, you will notice that I removed the bumper overriders (Sabrinas) to achieve a sleeker look (I still have them if you want to bolt them back on). Also, I have replaced the guppy mouth grille with a more traditional grille (I liked the look better), added an LED license plate light that looks appropriate, and replaced the tail lights with ones from a '64 model since they look better (in my opinion). Additionally, I detached one of the three windshield wipers (the middle one) --it simply snaps back on if you want. Also, the emissions canister has been removed -they rob horse power and are next to useless anyway. Finally, there are no headrests. It looks better without them!

When I got the car, it needed a lot of work but now everything works; excluding the washer fluid pump. With the help of professionals like: Tim & Colin Corby, Hap Waldrop, John Twist, Mark Wolf, and others I have chased all of the gremlins out of this car and made sure to do things correctly. As a result, the car has a new battery (replaced about a year ago), new spark plugs and wires (replaced in the spring), new alternator, new distributor, new coil, new starter, new oil lines (the good overkill high pressure ones), most gaskets have been replaced, new throttle cable, new brake cable, all switches and lights have been replaced with reproductions, new gas tank, all new fuel lines, HS4 Carbs have been professionally restored by master British Carburetor expert Joe Curto less than a year ago, I have thoroughly gone through the wiring and checked and repaired as needed, the engine bay has been repainted, it has brand new tires and restored rims, the front suspension has been completely rebuilt with new coil springs and bushings, the rear suspension was rebuilt (by P.O.), also all of the lever-arm shocks have been refreshed and replaced as needed, a new stainless steel tourist trophy exhaust system has been added, the black canvas top was installed 5 years ago (by P.O.), and it even has a shiny new wood shifter knob with an inlaid MG logo that matches the wood motolita steering wheel.

So, here is what it needs: a break job --new shoes and pads, the speedometer cable needs to be replaced --I have a new one, and the thrust washers in the rear axle should be replaced at some point --not a huge deal and not a safety or damage issue if not done.

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