January 16, 2015

Executive Icon, 1964 Jaguar S-Type Sedan

Executive Icon, 1964 Jaguar S-Type Sedan

Here's one of classic Jaguar cars icon, it's the executive car comes in 4-door sedan body styles offered by British automobile manufacturer Jaguar in 60s, known as the S-type, it was a technically more sophisticated development of the Jaguar Mark 2. As the picture is a Jaguar S-type built in 1964, a very nice candidate for your restoration project.

Detail by owner
This is a very stylish and sporty example that is brimming with patina throughout, and a great choice for the enthusiast who is looking for an iconic classic Jaguar sedan they can drive and enjoy now, and gradually improve upon over time as they see fit.

The Sedan has benefited from the previous ownership of a longtime Jaguar Owner's Club member and enthusiast who was always sure to keep it mechanically sound, with the ultimate goal of one day performing a full cosmetic restoration to the car's body -- making this a terrific candidate for a full restoration. The Sedan proved to be extremely reliable and comfortable, reporting to have performed optimally in a wide array of conditions.

In recent years, the S-Type's engine, suspension and other mechanical components have been rebuilt, and would benefit from a routine tune-up / servicing before hitting the road. While the vehicle exhibits some rust, it is easily repairable...

Don't miss this opportunity to get an affordable classic Jaguar example that will bring you years of enjoyment!

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