January 16, 2015

British Sports Car, 2001 Lotus Esprit V8

British Sports Car, 2001 Lotus Esprit V8

This a 8-cylinder mid-engine British sports car manufactured by Lotus, known as the Esprit built in 2001. It's fifth generation of Lotus Esprit comes in yellow looking new owner. Esprit production ceased in February 2004 after a 28 year production run. A total of 10,675 Esprits were produced, and this one of them.

Detail by owner
This is for a used 2001 Lotus Esprit. I purchased this out of California after it had a minor accident. I got it in 2007 with 17,679 miles. I replaced the front bumper, grille, passenger headlight pod, the passenger front wheel fender extension and some of the radiator ducting fiberglass pieces. While I had the car apart, I sent the radiator out for improvements and had it re-cored with a 3 row copper tubes (versus the 2 row that was standard). I upgraded the oil coolers to aircraft oil coolers (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/stewarnercooler.php). I purchased these from Aircraft Spruce but no longer see the part number on the site. They are visible similar to the Meggitt Troy oil cooler at the link provided. However, the ones I got were manufactured by PosiTech International. I have the original certificate of conformance from Positech International. While I was at it, I upgraded the oil lines to a higher temperature rating hose. I replaced all the rubber bushings with the Lotus Polyurethane versions. This also included the rear trailing arm bushes (http://lotusespritworld.com/EGuides/EModifications/Lotus_Polybushes.html ). While I had the suspension apart, I put in new upper and lower ball joints and POR 15 coated the front and rear suspension arms. I then replaced the brake fluid. After completing the body repairs, I drove to NJ and had RS Motorsports replace the cam belts and put in a new tensioner assembly and idler bearing. When it was there, the ECU was sent to Lotus to be reflash with upgraded software. That was back in April 2009 when it had 18,992 miles (receipt available). Fast forward to 2014 and I added the 3m carbon fiber vinyl wrap to the bonnet and had the front of the car painted. I always liked the carbon fiber look (but not the price) and this was a relatively non permanent easy upgrade.

The side windows are tinted.

Many pictures can be seen at http://s1280.photobucket.com/user/Medida/library/2001%20Lotus%20Esprit?sort=2&page=1 I have highlighted the pictures with titles to show specifics where the car is less than perfect. Included is one picture of what that car looked like before it was repaired

The one driver's seat has a torn on the yellow piping. I have no idea on how this happen, as I purchased the car that way. The passenger side front wheel has some paint scrap marks. There is a scratch on the driver rear wheel fender extension, a couple of small cracks on the passenger capping rail and some small stone chips on the sills. The driver sill has had some touch up paint (I got it that way...thought it was a funny place to have touch up paint). Other than that, the car is in very nice condition for its age (I never drove the car in the winter. For that matter, I never drove the car in the rain). The front of the car has little to no chips, being repainted within the last year.

The car comes with one Key and one Key Fob and the audio system manual (see pics)

The AC blows cold and the car has been trouble free. I recently picked up another Lotus Esprit as a project car (this was a 1986 Lotus Esprit that had a serious engine fire and is a long term project). Have to many toys so decided it is now time to sell my 2001 Lotus Esprit

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