May 26, 2015

2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged

2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged

This American sport coupe offered by Chevrolet, as the picture is a performance variant of the Chevy Cobalt series known as Cobalt SS Supercharged come in Yellow 2-door coupe was released in 2006, if you interested and need more detail please read below.

Detail by owner
I'm entertaining the thought of selling my 2006 cobalt ss.

The car has roughly 73,500 miles on it. The original engine in the car was damaged when a valve was bent from the timing chain skipping a couple teeth (when it was reassembled the valves hit Pistons, I believe they had the timing wrong) I owned the car when this happened. It sat for 2 years without an engine until one was put in it roughly 6 months ago. The "new" engine has around 80k miles on it, slightly more than the car.

Cable dahmer reinstalled the gm stage 2 injectors and pulley because the "new engine" was completely stock. It was not pushed for performance and will likely last another 80k+ miles if maintained. It has around 6k miles with the factory gm performance parts stage 2 kit on it. The clutch was replaced at around 47-50k miles and has a lot of life left. I am not hard on clutches and never launch the car from a stop. The previous owner I feel didn't know how to drive a stick as the clutch was going out at 42k miles and I got it to last over 5k more.

The car has new toyo tires on new enkei wheels. If the buyer wants stock wheels with new tires I can take $1000 off the price of the car. These wheels are really nice and I have yet to see another cobalt with these. They are specifically drilled 5x110 which is rare. The wheel and tire package I purchased a month ago. They have less than 500 miles on them. The cobalt is not my daily driver.

I had a hurst shifter installed and installed the ebrake handle. The car has the limited slip trans with recaro seats.

The car does have a poor paint job but runs good. I get around 23-24mpg with it. The car doesn't make boost upon start up but drives perfect otherwise. Most of the time driving it 20 minutes or so then restarting it 5 mins later will make it run the full boost of 14-15psi. Otherwise it's around 2.5psi. The dealer replaced the PCM a couple months ago but it's likely a sensor issue. I can probably get it diagnosed for free but haven't bothered since it makes boost after warming up and turning the car off for a few minutes.

The salvage title was due to a minor flood. It did not get the interior and all the shop had to do was replace the map sensor from what I can remember. The poor paint is from a stolen car running along the passenger side while it was at a car lot waiting to be sold.

I'm basically seeing if there's interest in it. I'm not really that negotiable with the price as its around what I've put in it this year buying it back and making everything right on the car. (Taking a loss at list price actually) The only way I'd take less is if someone wanted the stock wheels.

I have a plain yellow ss spoiler if someone does not prefer the black carbon fiber wrap.