August 26, 2015

1913 Ford Model T Touring

1913 Ford Model T Touring

This very old car over 100 years old today made by American automaker Ford Motor Company , as the picture is a first model of the Ford automobile known as Model T built in 1913 has been fully restored. The Model T is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, was because it has been mass-produced, not individually like hand crafting, such as car manufacture in general at that time. It worth sitting on the museum, or be a nice collection for collectors.

The pics as confirm, the presentation is correct, except for engine side, there is no picture and no mentioned about it by its owner. If you want to keep this car please come to check whether the original engine still on there and perfectly runs or not, and if that true... it runs and drives well with the original engine... it would be a greatness pieces from the past, that still deserve to rewarded.

Owner said
If your looking for a antique automobile look no further. This beauty is fully restored to all of its glory. Its parade ready the kids and elderly will love it. I'm selling it for the great price of $9995.00 obo

This gorgeous vehicle is one of kind it will go quick.