August 13, 2015

Project, 1960 Mercedes 0319 Panorama Bus

Project, 1960 Mercedes 0319 Panorama Bus

Here's an extremely rare and the most collectible microbus especially in Europe made by Mercedes-Benz, as the picture is a Mercedes 0319 bus built in 1960 that comes with a lot of windows commonly known as a panorama bus body style. It's a project, the engine has been replaced with a younger motor from a Toyota truck and has been converted into a camper bus almost about 30 years ago and then parked, if you are interested please read the detail below.

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Detail by owner
I have an Extremely Rare 1960 Mercedes 22 Window Bus that I must sell. The Engine and Transmission have been replaced with a 1979 Toyota 20R Truck motor and 5-speed transmission with a 44 Weber carburetor and custom Intake Manifold about 30yrs ago and then parked. At most, it has about 40,000 miles on it. It has an old camper conversion kit in it including Floor Heaters, a Stove, a custom Ladder W/ Roof Rack, dual gas tanks, and a Propane Tank. I recently began to fix it up and get it back into running condition. The Engine, electrical, Carburetor & Cooling system have been completely gone through and rebuilt. The Master Cylinder and (1) Gas Tank are currently being worked on. Other than that, it does need a lot of rust removal for it to be brought back to its original glory. All the original glass is in-tacked but needs new rubbers. It also comes with an extra windshield and dash cluster. Must see to appreciate this rare gem. It won 2nd place at the Laguna Lake "A Gathering of Friends", in the Barn Finds Category.

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