August 13, 2015

Stunningly 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL

Stunningly 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL

This American muscle car offered by Ford, as the picture is a stunningly Ford 1963 Galaxie 500XL 2-door coupe body type come with Dual Quad 427 'R' Code Engine manual transmission has 8500 original miles on it, overall it's old classic muscle car in excellent condition looking for a new home.

Owner said
Stunningly stoic in its presence, you must admit there is nothing quite like the look of an early 60's Ford Muscle Car with its stuck up stance, snorting at you with a "Dual Quad 427 'R' Code Engine". An American rocket glistening in the sun, waxed up, topped off and ready to go...

Of course you can smell the high octane pump gas igniting your senses as you twist the key, looking across the flowing hood, your lap belt cinched tight, you release the clutch, your friend next to you tightens his seat belt, if you have one, you romp on the gas, igniting the rear skins. As it gets squirrely, your grin widens as you jamb it into second gear!

Sit back, relax and take a look at this muscle machine... NASCAR at its Finest! "THE BIG XL" This real deal FORD GALAXIE 500 XL has been fully restored to her original, very rare, "V" CHESTNUT exterior color and factory "892" MATCHING CHESTNUT BUCKET SEAT, CENTER CONSOLE INTERIOR .

A car so iconic, so belligerent, so lacking in remorse, that Nascar Officials eventually banned the High Riser Engine! This absolutely gorgeous 1963 Galaxie 500 XL is equipped exactly how you would expect it to be in that year--Big Block 427 cubic inch engine producing a heart stopping 425 Horsepower, topped off by 2 Holley Dual Quad Carburetors and a Top Loading 4 speed Transmission. Of course there is the 3:25 Tru Trac Positraction rear end!

A full restoration was completed about 7 years ago, and although the Monster exhibits nominal "Patina" and wear, it retains "the look". The paint was redone earlier this year in the CORRECT Factory Code and is base/clear, and is just exceptional. This expression is way over used, but it truly needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Pictures just don't do the car or finish justice. Simply gorgeous!! No rust bubbles, scratches, dirt, dings, swirl marks, sand scratches, or issues. Please take note in the photos of the clarity of the paint as evidenced by the reflections in the background

The undercarriage is extremely clean, very solid, straight, and rust free. During the restoration, it was cleaned and then painted black. There is Factory Undercoating and that has both good and bad elements: It looks unsightly (but only to the eye and not in the functional sense) but it does protect the car's underside and is clear evidence that there are no panel replacements! That is to say that, despite its 52 years of gentle aging, there are no shoddy patch panels, holes, soft spots, or issues. The Trunk area is also very solid and looks great. The car rides, drives, and handles like a dream: Straight and smooth down the road with no shimmies, shakes, or vibrations. She's extremely tight and surprisingly easy to drive with manual brakes and steering.

My 427 has nice lines and everything fits and aligns very well--- doors, trunk, hood, etc. A correct, new Solid Chestnut Interior was installed, complete with seat covers, foam, headliner, carpet, door panels, weather strips, rubber, etc, and is exceptional. WHEN YOU SLIDE INSIDE, YOU WILL SWEAR THAT IT IS 1963 ALL OVER AGAIN!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!

All of the lights, turn signals, brakes, gauges, windows, etc are functioning properly, as are the Radio and Clock! You will notice the SUN TACH mounted on the steering column.

At time of restoration, every ounce of this car was addressed. All chrome, stainless, and trim was either re-done or replaced. Same for the mechanicals such as brakes, shocks, fuel tank, sending unit( just replaced), wiring, etc. Simply put, this 500XL is turnkey!! Get in, sit down, hold on and drive her home.

NOW LET'S GO UNDER THE HOOD WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!!! The real deal 427 "R" Code Engine was built by DAVE SEVERSIKE, of Marysville, Washington. A Professional who has been building the Finest, Most Complete, Most Original 427 Center Oilers, Side Oilers, Top Oilers and an occasional "Cammer" for more than 40 years. He is the consummate Guru of Ford FE Engine Building.

The Original Big Block, 390 cubic inch "Z" Code Engine gave its life in the pursuit of speed and power, so a REPLACEMENT 427 BLOCK WAS SOURCED FOR DUTY. Here are the Engine Specs:

C3AE-AB Center Oiler Cross Bolted Block with NO Welded Repairs: Standard Bore Block that is Date Code Correct "3B12"--February 12, 1963;

C3AE-AA Ford/TRW Forged Pistons, running approximately 9.5 to 1 compressions. Runs great on Pump Gas;

C3AE-C Early 427 Heads;

C3AE-H 2x4 Intake Manifold;

C3AE Ford Long Cast Iron Headers;

C3AE-BJ and C3AE-BK Correct Holley Carburetors;

C2AE Correct Front Balancer/Damper;

Correct Solid Lifter 427/425 Camshaft;

Correct Dual Port Oil Filter Adapter; and,

Correct Original Baldie Valve Covers

Power flows through the rebuilt FORD Top Loader 4-SPEED TRANSMISSION to the CORRECT TRU TRAC 3:25 POSITRACTION REAREND. A SUN TACHOMETER SENDING UNIT BOX is on the Driver's side fender well and operates as new!!! The UNMISTAKABLE AIR CLEANER and CORRECT BALDIE VALVE COVERS (with Badging) are virtually FLAWLESS as is everything else under the hood!! A SINGLE LINE MASTER BRAKE CYCLINDER testifies to the Authenticity and Correctness of the Engine Bay. No Power Brakes and No Power Steering here!

A Spare Wheel and Complete Jack set are in place. The Original COWL TAG, as well as all correct stampings and castings, are in place. Unfortunately, the original wheels are long gone. In their place are vintage AMERICAN RACING STYLE "COKE BOTTLE/DAISY RIMS "running newer 15" Radial Tires.

I do have the Original "Broadcast Sheet" and Owner's Manual.


I'm a little older, retired, car guy. American Muscle Cars are my passion. I really need to sell this one in order to come up with the funds to purchase my buddy's 1969 Boss 429! Help.