September 28, 2015

Great Running, 1991 Range Rover V8 4x4

Range Rover

Great Running, 1991 Range Rover V8 4x4

Here one of the iconic British automobiles it's the best 4x4 luxury sport utility vehicle were produced by Land Rover, as the picture is a first generation Range Rover 1991 model year commonly known as the Classic series still on good condition really reliable vehicle to rough terrain. The Range Rover is flagship model of the Land Rover. Personally, I love his style so sturdy with classy face remember me about the Rally Camel Trophy, one of the off road extreme 4x4 competitions on this planet.

The pics as confirm, above like I says its appearance was seduce me to rode on. Unfortunately there is no engine photos for your consideration, the interior such as the teenage room a little less tidy. So if you want him, please come to see directly is avoid a crab or scams. Overall it's a nice the British 4WD vehicle, 1991 Range Rover ready to go for $2500 location in Venice.

Details by owner
Up for sale 1991 Land Rover Range Rover powered by 3.9 V-8 gas engine mated with automatic transmission is a great running Range Rover, 4 wheel drive, leather interior all power! The car runs and drives great needs nothing !