October 18, 2015

1948 Diamond T 201 Truck

1948 Diamond T 201 Truck

1948 Diamond T 201 Truck

This rare American vintage truck manufacturer by Diamond T, as the picture is a wrecker truck based on 1948 Diamond T 201 model series has been completely restorations, like new condition looking for new owner. It could be a great collectors item today, if you interested come to see is must.

The pics as confirm, yes it looks so awesome all appearance from inside to out so perfect, uncontested. The interior and engine are look so clean and neat like never used. Hope it's a perfect truck strong and useful but that's not the goal, he deserves to sit in museum. Overall it's one of the rare American vintage truck had awesome restoration, 1948 Diamond T 201 wrecker truck asking $49000 location in Bolton, Vermont.

Details by owner
1948 Diamond -T 201 1 ton Dually with Holmes Wrecker
6 Cylinder Hercules gas engine
Warner T9 4 Speed
Clark R650
Rare Holmes model 330-P wrecker

The Model 201 series has a rated gross vehicle weight of 8,000 pounds. The engine is a Hercules QXLD L-head straight-six, topped with a Zenith downdraft one-barrel carburetor, displacing 236 cubic inches and rated at 91hp. It's mated to a Warner T-9 manual transmission with four forward speeds, which channels the torque to a Clark Equipment R650 differential. The Holmes model 330-p wrecker gear drive hoist is operated by a power takeoff on the Warner transmission, or alternately, with a hand crank.

Diamond - T built less than 7,000 Model 201 trucks from 1938 -1949
This specific vehicle is completely restored and runs strong and drives great!