October 1, 2015

1951 Morris Minor Low Light

Morris Minor Low Light

1951 Morris Minor Low Light

Here's the British vintage car were produced by Morris Minor, as the picture is a first generation Morris Minor 2-door saloon released in 1951 come with Low Light styles commonly known as the Morris Minor MM. Concept was to combine the luxury and convenience of a good motor car at a price affordable by the working classes.

The pics as confirm, it looks so awesome original old car runs and drives as well, the interior and engine looks ok and very well maintenance, 9 of 10 points be given as original used old car. Overall it was an British vintage economic car, 1951 Morris Minor Low Light ready to go for $7000 location in Lancaster. So if you want him, please come to see itself is a must.

Details by owner
1951 Morris Minor low light. The VIN number shows it as a 1950 built car, but registered here in California as a 1951. Was built as a knock down car in Christchurch, New Zealand and stayed in Christchurch, New Zealand until 2001 when it was imported into Georgia then came to California a few years back. I bought it earlier this year.

Car is all original, still has the flat head side valve motor that runs well. Transmission shifts well, except second gear takes getting used to to get it into gear the first time. All electrics work, brakes are fair and might need new shoes and wheel cylinders to make them 100%. Car is currently registered and insured. I drive it every weekend.

I have replaced the carburetor with a rebuilt unit, replaced the badges and hinges for new chrome ones as well as the divider on the front windscreen. I have a lot of spare parts like new coolant hoses, turn signal lenses, fan belts, ignition switch and a spare motor and transmission.

The car is solid, no rust except one spot in the wheel well where the front left fender mounts to the body behind the front left wheel. Paint is old and has a nice patina. Car is truly rare as it has the low headlight mountings of the early cars. Doors close smoothly, windows wind up and down like new. Drive it just about anywhere, but not very fast. Top speed is 62 so taking hills is a little daunting , but it is a 65 year old car so you are driving a piece of history and in style too.
Looking to get $7,000 for car and spares.