October 1, 2015

Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder

Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder

Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder

Here's the American classic convertible car were produced by Chevrolet, as the picture is a late of first generation Chevy Corvair released in 1964 come with 2-door convertible body styles commonly known as the Monza Spyder model. The Monza Coupe was the most popular model and was fast becoming the darling of the sporty car crowd. It same as the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, the Monza Coupe had feature a rear-mounted air-cooled engine.

The pics as confirm, it looks so nice and clean, as well as the interior and engine looks neat and very well maintenance, 9 of 10 points be given as original private car collection. Overall it was an American classic car beauty, 1964 Chevy Corvair Monza Spyder ready to go for $20000 location in LA, California. So if you want him, please come to see itself is a must.

Details by seller
I am EXTRAORDINARILY excited to offer for a sale this beautiful, rare, 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible. It has been well cared for, drives like a DREAM and looks absolutely stunning in Goldwood Yellow over Black vinyl. This is a long ad, but please be sure to read the entire thing - there is a lot of wonderful detail to cover! Let's dive right in!

We all know the background on the Corvair: feeling pressure to fill a gap for smaller cars in the American market, Chevy, led by general manager Ed Cole, pushed the now famous Corvair through to production for the 1960 model year. It offered a number of differences then anything else the Big 3 were producing like a unibody frame, rear mounted horizontal air cooled engine, a small sporty stance and super sleek body. Corvairs came in a variety of flavors from coupes, to sedans, to forward control style vans and pickups. But one of the stand out models of any of the Corvairs offered was the very rare Monza Spyder Convertible.

So what made this car so special?

Chevy had done reasonably well with the convertible Corvair selling ~31,000 of them in standard Monza trim in 1964. But this Monza was upgraded from the factory to a Monza Spyder and that one little word makes all the difference. Gracing the engine bay of the pretty convertible was a turbo charged version of the Chevy flat-6 engine that produced upwards of 70 more horsepower than the stock 80hp engine! 150hp from a drop top, small Chevy made this little beauty a sight to behold AND a treat to drive. Because many people were looking for a more economical car when purchasing the Corvair, not many Monza Spyders sold in their short run for the additional $317 it cost to check the Spyder box. About 4,700 cars were sold, with only a fraction remaining today! The Spyder offered not just the engine, but revised gauges, custom badging and bespoke trim

So let's chat more about this car specifically!

Made in October of 1964 and ordered in the stunning pastel known as Goldwood Yellow, this car looks remarkably sporty over its black vinyl interior. The top, also black, completes the overall look. Paired with the boosted engine was the optional 4 speed transmission, making this a wonderful car to drive!

This car is part of a major private collection featuring some very significant marques. It has been cared for in house and kept in ready to drive condition by a large team. It sits beside other Corvairs within the collection: a Greenbriar, sedan and wagon. Check out the below featured Cover Story from Classic & Sports Car Magazine on this very Corvair and its stable mates in the collection! This car is part of a greater enjoyment and celebration of all things Corvair, not just a one off purchase.

The Condition and Service:
Let's start on the engine and drivetrain:

This engine comes to life immediately with a twist of the key. With even a crack of the throttle it, the Corvair feels torquey, smooth and powerful, and effortlessly pulls away! More then a leisurely drive? Keep your foot in it and the real thrill of the engine comes to life! The turbo is in its sweet spot of building boost and you comfortably and quickly pull away from your fellow drivers. The sound of that flat 6 with a hint of turbo noise whooshing behind you reminds you very quickly how special this car really is. ZERO air/fuel issues, ZERO detonation, ZERO black smoke, ZERO hesitations or flat spots.

Check out the underside pics and the engine bay pics!

The 4 speed transmission is in FANTASTIC shape. Tight, confident shifts. NO grinds, NO syncro issues. The shifter eases into gear without any drama.

No bangs, no rough ride, no clunks! The shocks dampen wonderfully! The car is tight in corners, and comfortable on the straights!

Confident pedal, great pressure with a firm positive stop. Shoes and drums have good life in both front and rear and feel fantastic!

Steering feels good, no excessive play or vibrations.

Let's continue to the exterior:

The paint is VERY nice! It is a 8 out of 10 easily. Shiny, beautiful, Goldwood Yellow paint was recently polished, finished and waxed and looks wonderful. Car was repainted in the reasonably recent past and shines nicely. No signs of a bondo job, accidents, or rust. The flaws are so minor they are essentially unnoticeable unless someone points them out. Some very minor overspray in little insignificant areas, small chips or touch ups, and other such minor flaws. I can only see some of these extremely minor flaws from certain angles and I can't capture it in pictures well, but I have included below any of the photographable flaws. This car presents as a "Driver +", to some perhaps a "Show -". Clean floors and no rust lurking around. The trunk floor has a couple areas where the splatter paint has chipped and there is some light surface oxidation (photoed below).

In 1964, the 13" Kelsey Hayes wire wheels were a $900 option! Thankfully, to save yourself the headaches of finding a set to complete the ideal Corvair, this yellow beauty already features a set! These wheels when they come for sale are VERY expensive. The wheels present well, shine bright and look nice! Some minor flaws, chipping of chrome, light surface oxidation at those chips, etc, but nothing significant to take away from the overall beauty of the wheels and the car.

Plenty of tread left on the 175/80/13 tires!

The bumpers are in wonderful shape! No dents, cracks or issues! Chrome is nice all around the car with only minor flaws.

Not to let a pebble defeat this car, the windshield is great shape, with no chips or sandblasting. The door and rear glass is wonderful shape! Clear and clean!

The top is in nice shape! No tears or splits and very flexible and not brittle. The black top shines nice in the sun! The rear window is reasonably clear. If 1 was destroyed and 10 was crystal clear, I would call this a 7+ or 8-. No tears, very soft and pliable, but just a touch of sun fade. Still easy to see through when driving and does not obscure vision nor take away from the car. The latches snug up nicely and line up very nicely with the dowel pins when putting the top up. With a touch of a button, the top hides away! No issues with the mechanism!

Onto the cabin:

The Black vinyl seats are in great shape! No splits, no worn spots! Just wonderful soft vinyl! To my belief they are the original seat coverings and look 9/10 on condition! They are comfortable and the dual buckets look great! Rear seats are in great shape as well!

ZERO cracks. Beautiful shape!!

Very nice what appear to be original panels, wonderful map pockets and armrest!

Very nice carpet in the car! No heel wear or stains!

All windows roll down and up with no issues. Good tracks and no dead rollers.

Original radio looks great, but is not working. Have not had this checked out because a turbocharged flat 6 sounds much better than anything on AM :)

The wheel is in great shape with no major defects or cracking!

All the gauges work! RPM, speedo, boost, fuel and temp all read loud and clear!

The Experience:
This Corvair is a dream to drive. It is tight, very comfortable, very quick, nimble and smooth. It has all the power it had from the factory and then some, and from even a little gas is torquey and responsive. It is so easy to fall in love with this Spyder. Two latches and a button and the top is down. One twist of the key and she is whistling away behind you! Rowing the gears of this Corvair with the wind in your hair and the 150hp turbo engine rocketing you along is one of the best experiences for early 60's American motoring. There were so few cars like the Corvair and certainly no true peers in the American market. I find myself in odd cars all of the time, from the hyper expensive and rare, to the quirky, to the mundane. This Corvair seemingly always gets more thumbs up and questions then any other car. In a short drive just to photo it the other day I think I was stopped/waved at a half dozen times. There is something about a Corvair! And that feeling is even greater as a driver then an onlooker. I hope you can tell by my long ad that this car is an wonderful and beautiful Corvair Spyder. This really is a very special car to drive and with the ongoing care within the collection, it is a worry free Corvair, ready to be enjoyed for the second half of summer and fall!