October 13, 2015

1994 Honda Civic Si Hatchback

1994 Honda Civic Si Hatchback

1994 Honda Civic Si Hatchback

One of the greatness Japanese compact cars manufactured by Honda, as the pictures is the fifth generation Honda Civic released in 1994 is a 2-door hatchback has been painstakingly rebuilt, modified, and upgraded by current owner as a Civic Si type. Originally gaining a reputation for being fuel-efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly, later iterations have become known for performance and sportiness.

The pics as confirm, the exterior so awesome and perfect shape, looks like had high standard treatment according its owner says. Interior and engine photos looks good and fairly well maintained. If you interested come to see is a must. Overall it's one of the nicest Japanese compact car, 1994 Honda Civic Si hatchback looking for a new home.

Details by owner
Looking to find a new home for my 1994 Honda Civic Si. There has been over $20,000 of parts, labor, blood, sweat, and tears put into my civic. It's a nice build but obviously won't be everyone's cup of tea. Even though a lot of money and effort was put into it, I'm hoping to get a realistic price in exchange for the new owner to take excellent care of it, just as I have.I believe I am being more than reasonable in my asking price so if I cannot come to an agreement with a buyer I will just keep it another season and try again next season.

This Civic started out in Texas. I have the original owners manual with the Texas address still written on it, and I also have receipts from its routine maintenance done at the Honda dealer in Texas. After almost 20 years in Texas it was purchased and moved to Tennessee where the build began. It has never seen rain, or snow since being completed. It's been kept under a cover, driven less than two times a year, waxed every few months, and started routinely to stay fresh.

Here are some specs:
40-45k estimated miles on the swap, 180k on body
Clean Title and Carfax (Never Wrecked)

$4500 Brilliant Audi Red Paint Job No Dents!! Amazing paint!!! Jams are done correctly, panels painted off the car. Not a Mickey Mouse job in someone's garage. Body is laser straight.

Integra Type R : B18C Type R Motor 1997 spec, 19xxxxx serial number, matching LSD Tranny.

I've personally gotten high 30s low 40s mpg on full tanks of gas when driven conservatively. It's currently set up to run safely on 87 octane. I've never pushed the motor passed 4K rpms! It's just a Sunday cruiser. Get in it and drive anywhere and enjoy 40 miles to the gallon highway! Or if you want to race it and hit vtec you'll need to swap ecu's.

Shaved Antenna, Emblems, Front License Plate, Hood Spray Nossel and Hatch Key Hole (this means no washer fluid FYI)
Full shaved engine bay painted House of Kolor Kandy Teal
Custom tucked engine and headlight harness
OBD 1 P28(Virgin) ECU
Aem Fuel Rail
Mishimoto Radiator
Samco Hoses
Powdercoated Valve Cover and Intake Manifold
Steel Braided Clutch Line
Custom tucked brake lines
Edelbrock Fuel Filter
Password Jdm Air Intake
Optima Battery relocated to rear

New Oem Front Bumper, Hood, and Fenders
Oem Clear Corners, fog lights, and side markers
Carbon Fiber Wing
Oem Honda Rain Guards
SiR Front Lip

New Carpet
Full set of Oem floor mats
Custom Headliner and Shift Boot
Sony Radio
Viper Alarm System w/ power door locks

Wheels: Enkei RPF1 16x7, bf Goodrich drag radials tires are around 40% fronts and 70% rears.

Exhaust: Custom magnaflow exhaust done right for low riding.
Has a slight leak in the flex pipe.

Getting picky, the steering has a little play. Still drives fine anywhere you want to go.
Needs a drivers side seat belt.

Car has been garaged since the day i bought it.
The pictures are professionally shot, and are not doctored up. The car is as clean as it looks. Pictures taken less than two months ago. If you want to see anything specifically not pictured let me know. Undercarriage is consistent with the rest of the car, undercoated from Honda, all other parts free of rust and or scaling metal. It's clean.