October 30, 2015

Rare 1980 Range Rover Classic

Rare 1980 Range Rover Classic

Rare 1980 Range Rover Classic For Sale

This a luxury 4x4 SUV offered by British manufacturer Land Rover since late of the 60s. This is a rare model of the first generation, a short wheelbase 2-door Range Rover built in 1980 and comes in white color still in good condition, old restoration then stored and rarely used. If you're looking for the most reliable and unique all-terrain vehicles, especially from Europe you have found it.

It's a 1980 Range Rover Classic still in good shape and solid body frame, straight and perfect shape, no dent or rust issue, and no shiny paint, but it is okay as the old restore. The interior looks good but less luxurious represents, hope all panel instruments and indicators still work smootly. The engine looks okay to hope it had very well maintenance and no leak issue. Whether it could be the perfect start for your restoration project or just as is, moreover there are no hidden problems it would be a great reliable all-terrain vehicle as represent a great brand of the most ferocious rally event in the world Camel Trophy.

Details by owner
This is an amazing example of an extremly rare 1980 range rover 2 door classic. We discovered this truck last summer stored away in a barn here in Colorado. This truck was restored sometime in the late 90's early 2000's and then stored away with very little use. This truck has all the options that you could ask for back in 1980.

Starting from the front this truck has a vertical english grill with super nice bumpers not rusty or any dings in the bumpers. The hood is straight and has the flat letters that read RANGE ROVER across the front, the hood prop works fine to hold the hood up. This truck has the orginal 3.5 ltr Rover motor. This truck did get a bit of an upgrade somewhere along the line, the intake and carburetor were upgraded to an aluminum intake manifold that has no makers marks but does have a part number 1195360 FP and the carb is a GM 2 barrel Q-jet and has an upgraded Air filter.
This upgrade works really well on this motor and seems to make it very reliable and gets good gas milage. This truck also has an upgraded Hei ignition and runs very smooth with these upgrades.

Now, from the factory, this truck has factory power steering and factory power steering fluid cooler all installed and work great . I believe this truck has an early steering box ratio. This truck turns very quickly when you move the steering wheel like no other Range Rover Classic I have driven. It also has factory A/C that does work and blows really well but might be due for a recharge on the A/C to make it 100 %. The truck also has dual batteries not factory but nice to have and both batteries are stored in factory locations right behind each head light so it looks factory and clean.

This truck has a 4 speed manual transmission original to the vehicle along with a factory installed manual Overdrive that works amazing . It turns this truck into an 8 speed with 2 reverse gears. This truck has a radio and speakers in the factory locations but not sure if it works, radio is missing the face. This truck has heated rear glass and rear wiper, cigarette lighter, oil temp gauge, voltage gauge, round clock, oil pressure gauge across the dash, factory diff lock light, and has an after market dash Tac from Sun Tac that works well. Along with all the factory gauges, they are all intact and working great.

The dash is in great shape, the rest of the interior has been redone with factory replacements. The front and rear seats have both been recovered with factory coverings, the carpet is also a factory replacement. All are in great condition and this truck even has a new smell to it. The truck has the hand crank down windows that all work and the rear windows slide and they also work great. The seals around the windows are good but are starting to show their age and may need to be replaced. This truck has 4 original Rostyle rims with Michelin XM+S244 size 205 R16 Radial. This truck also has a spare tire with tire cover, also has all the factory tools and jack and the cover that covers all the tools on the rear quarter panel. Rear tail gate is in great condition and functions well and the upper tail gate also works great and has no rust. This truck has had the rocker panels fixed and was repaired some where down the line but looks solid. There is a set of custom rock sliders that cover the rockers. This truck has also been painted when it was restored in the late 90's so the paint is nice but could use a good buffing. This has got to be one of the nicest examples of a 2 door Range Rover in North America that hasn't been messed with or updated and never been truly restored. This truck is a true 1980 Range Rover that has a birth date of Oct 1979.