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Model A Boat Tail Speedster

Model A Boat Tail Speedster

Model A Boat Tail Speedster

Here's a nice custom vintage car based on Ford Model A very unique come with boat tail shape. As the picture is a Model A Speedster were produced by Ford Motor Company released in 1929 had rebuilt engine and transmission, still in excellent condition has very low miles on it. The Model A was the second huge success for the Ford automobile, after its predecessor, the Model T.

Yes it could be a great as the antique car icon, it looks so good seem had very well maintenance considering its ages, piece of the greatness from the past as the timeless beauty. While all looks perfect in pictures no doubt, but you must come to see it, I think it worth to considering.

Details by owner
1929 Custom Design Model A Boat-Tail Speedster
Mint Condition / Showstopper / Track Racer Style
Rebuilt Model A Engine & Transmission (It Moves)
Deep Throat Engine Sound & Less Than 3000 Miles
Long Hood W/ Leather Straps
Brierly Hill Climb Cam
Hi Compression Police Head
Special Engineered Water Neck
Down Draft Carburetor
"38" V8 Modern Points
Cattle Guard Front Radiator
12 Volt System & Alternator
Battery Cut-Off Switch
21" White Walls
Powder Coated Rims
Boat Tail Opens & Latches / Gas Tank & Spare
Custom Upholstery
Beautiful Wrap-Around Cockpit
Front & Rear Springs Modified / Adjusted
Tall Brass Headlight
Twin Toolboxes
Running Boards
Much Much More!
Completed in 2011

For more specific information please here on craigslist


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