November 7, 2015

1962 Dodge Dart 440 Race Car

1962 Dodge Dart 440 Race Car

1962 Dodge Dart 440 Race Car

Here's we found a coolest race car based on a classic Dodge, it's a second generation of the Dodge Dart 440 released in 1962 has been custom rebuilt and upgraded seem indeed to competitions. Only one year the second generation was made, yes only in 1962 which on that time was offered in two levels the Dart 330, 440 and sold in Canada as the Polara 500.

While no has beauty look as a collectible car, but he get the power as a fighter as is look now. I think he came with a great character also would be great to considered. The photos as confirm, the body frame looks so perfect, no dent and no rust issue, come with patina look. The engine seems has ready to competitions, as can be seen from the fuel system and motorsport tyres usage, it's an unfinished racing car still need some work for safety and more agility, especially at interior side it still complete as the family car not as a race car. Overall it could be a seriously competitive car on the track or just be coolest classic Dodge as is, depending on where to go you want to carry it.

Details by owner
1962 Dodge Dart 440
225cid "Slant Six" / Pushbutton 904 / 8.75
$7500.00 obo
Weishaar Racing LLC
Yuma, AZ

We are selling one of our R&D / Prototyping Vehicles to make room for our next project. This car was purchased in San Diego CA 8 years ago from the second owner. We rebuilt the car stressing on reliability so that we could use it as a test platform for suspension components. This car drives and handles better than just about anything you can buy new on the lot and certainly has a lot more style. The engine and transmission have about 55k miles on them since rebuilding back in 2008. We loved the patina look to the car and decided to style it as a 1960's Compact Series NASCAR that these cars were known to dominate in the early 60's with their Slant Six engines against the Corvairs and Falcons. The car is amazingly straight with zero rust. This car would need MINIMAL prep for paint, and would need ZERO rust repair. Floor boards and all fenders/roof/deck lid are all 100% original and rust free. I cannot over emphasize how good of condition this chassis is in; it has been a very pleasant and drama free car to work on. It has zero leaks and is currently serving duties as daily driver for the shops' employees. Everything removed from the car such as bright work, stereo or panels has been kept and boxed and will move with the car, as we will have no need for it. We will not be looking to part out this car or sell the take-offs. The only missing pieces is one of the headlight trim halos as well as the larger piece on the passenger door that can be seen missing in one of the pictures. We also have an Offenhouser 4bbl Manifold and "race" head to go with the car. This is a well sorted car that just needs Interior and paint if desired. Heater/ Wipers and all lights/electrical work. Seats were recovered about 5 years ago and the gauges were professionally restored by Redline Gaugeworks about 4 years ago.
225cid "Slant Six"
137rwhp on 87 Octane / 175rwhp on 110 Octane w/ "race head"
Heads Mildly Ported
Comp Cam
2bbl Conversion w/ Factory Aluminum Intake Manifold and Carb
Clifford 3-1 Headers
Full Length Single Exhaust with Flowmaster Delta 50 (VERY MILD/Great Cruising)
Push Button 904
TCI converter set to 2400 Stall
Mild Shift Kit

Factory 8.75
"741" Case 2.76 Ratio / Open Diff
Be Cool Aluminium Radiator
Huge Transmission Cooler plumbed and mounted separate of the main radiator
Hotchkis Total Vehicle System
-Upper Control Arms
-Strut Rods
-Steering End Links
-Geometry Corrected Leaf Springs
-1.1" Torsion Bars
-Fixed Front and Adjustable Rear Sway Bars
-Tuned Non-adjustable Shocks
Front- 70+ B-Body Factory Disc
Rear- Factory Drum
Wheels / Tires-
Front-Aero Racing 15x8 255/50/15
Rear-Aero Racing 15x8 275/60/15