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1948 Diamond T COE Cabover Truck

1948 Diamond T COE Cabover Truck

1948 Diamond T COE Cabover Truck

Here's we found awesome rare American classic truck produced by Diamond T, already in Craigslist a month ago yes this a unique truck were released in 1948 by Diamond T is Cab Over Engine (COE) model powered by 6 cylinder gas-engine with manual transmission, has been sitting a long time ago but it's a complete truck, the original engine and trans mostly still on there, it could be great project truck and perfectly start to restore.

The pics as confirm, the body frame looks perfect and straight with green patina look, may with bit rust but not major. Unfortunately no interior photos to consider what its lost, hope all indicators and instruments still there, thanks God if still work. No engine photos to consider how much is needed, you must see if seriously want. Overall is a rare American antique truck project ready on trade today 1948 Diamond T COE Cabover Truck, asking $5000 location in Joliet area Chicago.

Details by owner
Here we have a 1949 Diamond T COE Cabover Truck I have had for about a year or two now but realize I will not be getting to it for a very long time, so my loss is your gain! It is mostly complete with trim, the engine and trans. I was planning on making it a car hauler or pickup. For more specific information please here on craigslist


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