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1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Here's we found Italian beauty as a car, it's a reflection of the perfect relation as one convincing, between fierce capabilities with cute face, yes like you running hard to evade a dog pursuit but still with your sexy face. The Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 1974 model year it a 2-door coupé come with attractive paint totally red has been restored looking for a new home. Small but he carry of the Italian reliability greatness, if you are a man then try out to running hard in plateau or downhill with narrow bends, you will be yes.

Although is not most beautiful car in the world as the Jaguar E-Type according Enzo Ferrari choose, I thinks the Alfa Romeo GTV deserve as well, but it's a simple beauty in that way things are when reason and purpose just so right. It looks so awesome as it should be, no doubt. The exterior so perfect, very clean and straight no dent, no rust. The interior looks neat and good and the engine is correct. Prepare your pocket, just $55000 you able to bring it home. As always come to see itself is a must.

Details by seller
Here is an absolutely beautiful 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV that is in excellent condition and is an absolute blast to drive!!! This Alfa was restored by its previous owner to be an excellent driver that you can still take to a show and enjoy. The engine has been treated to a quality rebuild and runs incredibly well today and even retains its original factory SPICA fuel injection. The transmission was also rebuilt, and suspension and brakes were also gone through at that time. The car was then treated to a beautiful paint job a few years ago and looks fantastic. The interior was reupholstered and looks great.

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