November 21, 2015

1951 Studebaker Champion Sedan

1951 Studebaker Champion

1951 Studebaker Champion Sedan

What this... aeroplane...? You are right son... is an aeroplane on the wheels come without wings....

Yes it third generation of the Studebaker Champion built in 1951 come with unique face that was called the "spinner" grill, similar to that of a Ford Deluxe its era, but the Spinner seems more akin as aeroplane rather than a car, you can see a tail on the back and tiny wing on front hood. The Champion was one of Studebaker's best-selling models because of its low price, durable engine and fuel economy come with good styling its era.

The owner says about 3 on the tree on his description... what mean that word?
For classic cars enthusiasm it's about a three-speed manual transmission whose gearshift lever is mounted on the steering column. Despite it looks have gearshift lever on the steering column as the original factory specs use, the owner bothered that was called. Yes he just doesn't like what are called tree inside his car... hi..hi.. Sorry about that. Is not specifically said to be original interior, but given the condition of the interior it’s a fair guess that it may retain a good degree of its factory finish. The inline L-head six-cylinder engine looks a bit messy but is runs good very well. The exterior looks as is the best part of whole of this. Overall it a nice 1951 Studebaker Champion asking $6500 location in Phoenix. It very potential unique car to restore.

Details by owner
1951 Studebaker champion, 6cyl flathead engine, 3spd overdrive transmission, shift on the column (please don't call it 3 on the tree, my car has no tree in it), 4door sedan with rear suicide doors, new paint, new int., new brakes. is a nice running driving car. car is not 100% show car but close. nada puts value of car at $5900..$13000..$24000. I would like to get $6500 or trade for equal value.