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Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Here's an American muscle wagon produced by Mercury, it's a family car based on the Ford Falcon platform with a slightly longer wheelbase and received better grade interior trim, yes it a first generation Mercury Comet Wagon 1963 model year, had shared a considerable number of body and mechanical parts with the short-lived Fairlane. It a rare muscle wagon today still in awesome original condition has been rebuilt engine ready to trade or get $11950.

No much detail by its owner, as the pictures seen here it has perfect and solid body frame, no dent, no rust all looks great with original paint. The interior looks great also, in remarkable condition for its ages, especially after going through the function as has to be so far. The engine correct has ben rebuilt hope had a good treatment and maintenance. Overall it awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon, must see if you seriously.

Details by owner
AWESOME Rare Factory V8 1963 Comet Wagon... rebuilt original 260 V8 Auto trans... Amazingly preserved... original paint!!!... looks runs and drives excellent... power steering... reliable daily driver or weekend cruiser,,, NICE WAGON!

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