February 3, 2016

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

This rare American muscle car was offered by Mercury known as the Cyclone, and this a special version of the model, more aerodynamic come with a spoiler known as Spoiler II only 519 units were ever built, and only one production year in 1969 with two trim packages as options, the Cale Yarborough Special and the Dan Gurney Special and as we've seen here is a Dan Gurney special has been fully restored.

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The Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II was very successful on the racing circuit: winning 8 Grand National races during the 1969 and 1970 NASCAR seasons - matching the total number of wins recorded by the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Find it here on eBay in Belleville, Michigan, United States for auction.

Dan Gurney Mercury Cyclone 1969

The Dan Gurney special mean the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II comes with a white exterior and blue interior trim packages. These cars were all hand built, it became an early example of a spoiler!

The car looks obsessively cared for and presents pretty much immaculate details and excellent running and driving conditions. The body is straight and solid with the correct shape, and awesome chrome, hard to find imperfection from here.

Interior Mercury Cyclone 1969

The owner claims is an original interior, the seats show how is in greats condition, while the carpets, door panels, center console, and dash show rare signs of use, all features are still there, such as A/C, radio, odometer, and etc, hope all work perfectly as its look. Is this a three on the tree muscle car...?

Motor Mercury Cyclone 1969

This a high-performance version of the Cyclone range and compete on the NASCAR tracks, so the Spoiler II carries a 351 V8 engine mated with 3-speed automatic transmission on the column. The engine bay appears clean, with stock wiring and all hardware accounted for. It said only 50K miles on it.

Details by owner
Family Owned from day one. There are no known defects or missing parts. It has been fully restored rotisserie style. My grandfather bought this brand new for my uncle from Stu Evans Lincoln Mercury on June 26th., 1969. My father bought the car from my grandfather on July 15th, 1975 (I have this original title) and now it is time for someone to get this beautiful car and treasure it like my mother and father did.

Smoke Free Environment, No dings, No Dents, No Mechanical Problems. Owned by One Family since Brand New. Its a Dan Gurney Special Spoiler II. Rotisserie Restoration. Only 35 of these Spoiler II are know to exist according to the registry.

Engine : 351 CID 4V- 8 Cyl. Windsor
Transmission: FMX Automatic Transmission
Suspension: Cross Country Suspension Package Rear: 3.25/1 Axle
Wheels: F70 14 Goodyear on Argent Sport Wheel 500 14 x 6 with a plain 7" center cap
Exhaust: Standard Dual Exhaust
Paint: Acrylic Urethane White and Presidential Blue
Interior: Original Interior