March 25, 2016

1956 Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS

LeMans Tribute, 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS

LeMans Tribute, 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS

Here's we found this one in Craigslist, it looks as a final model of the Porsche 550 was built by Porsche were released in 1956, is a racing sports car fairly handsome 2-door spyder body with a removable hardtop. It small and has low profile than the mostly competitors in its era, but inversely proportional to its achievements, the 550 spyder was called as the giant killer, are is one of the motorsport car legends.

As you've seen here it's a perfect replica of the Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS LeMans tribute seems was built with a high quality level. Need nothing to see it here, please enjoy.

This car is a well-sorted build has appeared in The Robb Report, the Orange County Register and has been a special display at several concours events as well as being invited by Porsche North America to run fan laps at Laguna Seca at Rennsport Reunion IV in 2011. We purchased the car from the previous owner who is renowned 550 replica builder Russ Rodriguez from Azusa California. It has been in our collection for the past 5 years, and as we transition into building our own Spyder recreations in aluminum alloy, it is time for this car to find a new owner to enjoy some quality driving experiences with. We have enjoyed the car for the past 5 years and have used the car frequently on driving tours and events with flawless performance.

This car is docile enough to drive in traffic or around town cruising on a date night, but potent enough for a spirited drive down a country lane, and canyon road, or a track day. Here is a video of the car being pursued by another Spyder up the Pacific Coast Highway in California on the way to Rennsport Reunion:

A great deal of effort was made to make sure that the details on this particular car were as correct as possible from the body fittings and badges, to the gauges, handbrake, seats, and pedal assembly. This car drives as good as it looks. It is ready to get in and go and has covered right at 1,571 miles since its construction; ensuring that it is well-sorted and ready to go but not tired and in need of attention. This car is ready to go and will provide a rewarding driving experience rivaled only by the real thing! This car is often mistaken for the real thing and has been invited to concours as a special display vehicle.

We are selling this car from our personal collection, not a dealer. . . we have several contacts for both national and international shippers if needed. Inspections are encouraged and welcomed by appointment where the car is located in Louisville 40299. It's been a real pleasure to own and drive, thanks for looking!
The car that this replicates is 550-0104, which competed in the 1956 Le Mans race in the 1500cc class. It placed first in class, and 5th overall. This amazing performance put the car only 28 laps behind the 4th place finisher which was in a 3.0 liter and over class!

Details by owner
1956 Porsche 550 1500RS Le Mans Coupe -- Tribute car
  • Constructed in 2006 to represent 550-0104 which was destroyed and re-bodied in 1958.
  • 2.2 Liter Rascon Motorsports Type 1 motor with big valve heads
  • Porsche cast valve covers
  • 2 Weber IDF carburetors
  • Rancho HD 4 speed transaxle with freeway flyer gearing
  • Four wheel disc brakes
  • Torsion bar front and coil spring rear suspension with swing axle transaxle
  • De dion links in rear have spherical bushings
  • Mangel stamped 15 x 4.5" wheels with polished outer lip
  • Dunlop RS5 period correct tires
  • Roundels are decals and can be removed if desired; car is equipped with the proper "mushroom" light on the rear roundel. Also has roof mounted pit light.
  • Correct gauges from VDO and converted by North Hollywood Speedometer
  • Correct switches
  • Wood rim Moto-Lita steering wheel with quick release hub
  • Correct floor-mounted pedal s
  • Correct turn and taillight lenses
  • Fluted headlight lenses
  • Functional front-mounted oil cooler
  • Correct fuel filler cap
  • Proper barber-pole vinyl on seats and interior surfaces
  • We were told this car started out as a BECK fiberglass 550 Spyder replica. The car retains the steel chassis with added kidney bars and foot boxes. The Body is fiberglass with several alloy panels overlays. All the glass is Plexiglass and still in good condition.
  • The paint has been dulled to look more authentic than over finished.
  • The Interior, gauges and panels are all in great condition. It Has Running lights, Headlights w High/Low beam, brake and turn signals all function well. A horn was never installed and the wipers are faux, they do not have a motor-switch.

Clean and clear KY title. Titled as a 1956 Porsche 550 VIN#JS133

$69,000.00 USD

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