March 27, 2016

1960 Facel-Vega Facellia

1960 Facel-Vega Facellia

Here's a nice vintage sports car was built by the French manufacturer Facel-Vega, very unique especially as its condition, as we've shown here is a Facel-Vega Facellia 1960 model year fairly nice on white 2-door roadster body with a red nose. Found this one in Craigslist located in Southern California, no mention about the price, but was written a lot information and detail on its ad to a great deal aim.

As you've seen here is an immaculate sample of the classic Facel-Vega Facellia, seems has a lot attentions of restored, all detail, cosmetic and performance was rebuilt with a high quality level as the perfect outcome. Need nothing to see it here, please enjoy.

Details by owner
This FACEL-VEGA Facellia is a sports car that combines the elegance of Parisian coachbuilding art and impressive American V8 performance with a high quality, professionally-built Buick all-aluminum 215 V8 and Rover 5-speed overdrive transmission. The engine looks perfectly at home as if factory-installed in Paris and the acceleration is all one could want and more. The strong mechanicals provide a sportier driving feel than an HK500, feels faster than an HK500 below highway speeds while retaining nimble and balanced sports car handling as the aluminum V8 weighs less than the original Pont-a-Mousson 4-cylinder engine. The livery is a charismatic and sporty white with a red stripe over a red interior. This Facellia offers fun, camaraderie, and exclusive classic European sports car ownership. You can expect that when arriving in this Facellia at a car show or cars and coffee you will have one of the rarest and most interesting of vehicles.

The registry shows chassis FAD193 was the 391st Facellia production car, was completed by December 1960. About 400 Facellia convertibles were produced in 1960 of which about 90 were sold in the USA or delivered in Europe for USA export. An expert from the european club reports that the car was likely delivered new to California. It is likely that less than half of these 90 exist today in the USA, with perhaps only a dozen in drivable or better condition.

FACEL-VEGA Facellia Convertible
Production #: 391
Engine #: 1I1568994 (Buick 215 V8 Engine currently installed)
Engine #: 16D-193 (Original matching numbers Pont-a-Mousson 1650cc dohc 4-cylinder Engine ran when removed. PaM Engine and PaM 4-speed transmission available separately.)

  • Mechanical refurbishing includes: High quality, professional conversion to a 1962 Buick Special all-aluminum 4-bbl 215ci (3500cc) V8 engine, Pertronics electronic distributor, new motor and transmission mounts and brackets, Rover 5-speed overdrive manual transmission, new aluminized dual exhaust, re-sized single piece driveshaft, rebuilt brakes including new master cylinder, new booster, new stainless-steel calipers, new front rotors, new heavy-duty steering bracket, repacked wheel bearings, fresh transmission oil, radiator cleaned and new electric cooling fans, differential external seal replaced, fuel tank cleaned and sealed, new tires.
  • Gauges are functional with the exception of the speedometer (needs cable).
  • Electricals work, including indicator lights, wipers, headlights, and heater.
  • The Diff ratio was changed to the standard 4:10 by a previous owner.
  • Rare and period Motorola AM-radio and speaker are functional.
  • Cosmetic refurbishing includes: New leather seats, new bound wool carpets and matching wool mats. The rest of the interior is likely original.
  • The top is serviceable and has a matching red tonneau cover.
  • Vehicle retains original hubcaps, jack, and jack handle.
  • In August 2014, vehicle was successfully driven from Los Angeles to Monterey, round trip of 800 miles, the only known Facel-Vega V8 automobile to attend the 2014 Monterey historic car week.
  • Odometer reads about 55K miles.
  • California title and located in Southern California. (Vanity license plate not included.)

The Facellia Pont-a-Mousson engine that ran when removed and Pont-a-Mousson transmission that shifted smoothly when removed, and other drivetrain parts available separately.

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