April 2, 2016

1961 Hillman Minx

1961 Hillman Minx

Rare Classic 1961 Hillman Minx 4-Door Sedan For Sake

Here's a nice vintage mid-sized family car produced by British manufacturer Hillman Motor. Extremely rare in the U.S., especially in this condition, a 1961 Minx 4-door sedan is mostly in original condition and great overall. Found this one offered for sale on Craigslist, for $4800 in Tacoma.

It could be a remarkable sample of the British classic Hillman Minx Series IIIC, which seems to have been awesomely cared for. The car looks quite complete and usable as-is, running condition. It was sold with some reserve parts included. Need nothing to see it here, please enjoy.

Details by owner
Very nice 1961 Hillman Minx.
Very rare Easidrive Automatic Transmission.
Mostly original. New generator.
Runs great, no rust !!
Comes with all the spares you will need, fenders, hoods, doors, glass,trim , manual trans & 3 spare engines....Package deal, car & parts..
Only 3 I know of in the U.S. operational with the Automatic trans.
Great Rootes Group addition to a British collection of MG, Triumph, Jaguar,or Sunbeam cars.

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