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Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Awesome 2013 Honda Accord

Here's we found this one early of the latest-generation Honda Accord released in 2013 had offer in Craigslist for $13500 located in Spokane, Washington. The Accord is one of the best series ever made by the Japanese manufacturer Honda, are so popular and was to be best-selling cars in the United States since long time ago.

As you've seen here is awesome grey Accord all looks cool with custom rims wheel, has been driven about 23K miles and was looking for a new home. Not have a lot details was written on its ad, but is said like new car it possible trade for a diesel truck or Toyota Tundra.

Detail about this Accord by owner
The car is 6spd manual rare runs and drives excellent no issues
20" wheels ride smooth no vibration
Car currently has 23K my daily driver
Looking to sell for 13900 OBO

Used only mobile one oil
Car opens by itself when u walk up to the door
no keys push start
Back up camera

Interested please visit link below


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