April 26, 2016

Martini Racing Car, 1971 Porsche 911

Martini Racing Car, 1971 Porsche 911

Martini Racing Car, 1971 Porsche 911 For Sale

Did you know, when we asking in hordes of retired racers "please mention one of the iconic Porsche cars?", they had one answer "911" with loud like in kindergarten class. Then asking the second question "what look like?" the one answer came from the crowd it sounded "Martini Racing Car".

Yes the beautiful 911 is a high performance sports car was offered by Porsche since 60's fairly cool as a 2+2 coupe it has a rear-mounted engine and all round independent suspension. Performance and agility are packed together in one distinctive shape, that was makes it a very well-know and tend to associate as a luxury sport car or the competition base like a race or rally car.

As shown here is a Martini Racing Car based on 1971 Porsche 911, probably this particular example of one motorsports heritage is was looking a new owner. Found in Craigslist for $185000 located in Colorado. Very less information provide by seller, is said still in excellent condition and has been restored. We hope the price will represent what are offered.

Details by seller
For Sale, 1971 Porsche 911 race car,2.7 liter engine,Webber carbs, 915 five speed with limited slip, rare 1973 RSR Mary Stuart bodywork. Located in Vail Colorado. Call for more information. restored, Last tracked August of 2015.