April 29, 2016

Original 1982 Datsun Maxima

Original 1982 Datsun Maxima

Original 1982 Datsun Maxima Could Be The Perfect Restoration Project

It's a full-size classic car looking for a new owner, the second generation Datsun 810 well-known as the Datsun Maxima, offered by Japanese automaker Nissan Motors only for the North American market in the 80s. As shown here is the 1982 model as a 4-door sedan, powered by a 2.4 L straight six engine backed by a Jatco 4-speed automatic transmission, and has been driven for 126,000 miles on it. The grandson of the original owner says this is a completely original sample, except for the radio, and has some 280Z parts to help with its performance.

Everything looks great in the photos, it could be a perfect bone to restore, the exterior remains original paint, and no rust or dents are mentioned, but it is missing body side molding for the right door. No cracks or tears on the inside, it's decent for its age, looks like it has been lightly used, and has been very well cared for. We found this one on Craigslist in Vancouver BC for $1999.

Details by owner
This is a Datsun Maxima 4 door sedan. It was owned by my grandfather since new (Vancouver car) Runs perfect has great paint and is completely original. The radio was changed so if looking to get collector plates it would need an original radio. This was the first talking car (very cool). It was driven to my home and was a daily driver up until last fall. It needs a master cylinder replaced but out side of that its a total runner. This has the fuel injected 280z 6 cyl. engine and power door locks, windows working sunroof and ac works too. This would be an easy restoration as everythis is there and working