May 27, 2016

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan

American Classic, 1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan For Sale

We found this one piece of the American automotive heritage offered for sale on eBay, its first-decade Plymouth automobile, well known as the Plymouth P4 series, and this a particular example of the rare model that still runs and drives well today.

In the 1937 production year, only 7,926 of the total 566,128 Plymouth P4 Deluxe came as a 2-door sedan as offered here, which is most desirable than a 4-door model, especially in this condition. There were a few differences the 2-door model has a more sloping rear end than the 4-door.

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1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe Interior Inside

The interior look perfect as the best basic, and the angle photo well-represented overall condition, despite not being representative of all, you'll get a good feel for the first time. Don't worry if you want more, please have a look at the other photos below. Though spartan, the interior is said the original and complete and shows quite a well condition for its age. The door panels and seats have refreshed, but we’re curious about the odometer and the radio conditions, would be great if that work too.

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe straight-six engine

This correct engine of the Plymouth P4 series, a 3.3L or 201ci straight-six engine, produces about 80-82 horsepower backed by 3-speed manual transmission and still runs with a factory 6-volt electrical system. Though the old, the car still runs and drives smoothly without any issues, awesome.

Detail by seller
This Rare 1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe was one of only 7,926 2-door Sedans, out of the total 566,128 Plymouth P4's produced in 1937. This model has great styling lines in comparison to the higher production Touring model 2-door Sedan with the humpback trunk lid. Very solid and original car with an older repaint which shows great. The 201 ci straight-six engine is paired to a 3-speed manual gearbox and drives out phenomenal for a nearly 80 year old car. It fires off with a touch of the choke and idles smoother than most late model cars. Wiring is the original 6-volt system and is in exceptional shape. Everything down to the dome light works. The interior is primarily original with nice patina on the dash. The door panels and seats were re-covered at some point, most likely around the time of the repaint. This is a very respectable old Plymouth that would be a blast to pull out on sunny days for a drive to town, the local parade or the occasional car show.

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