May 28, 2016

Very Rare, 1984 Lamborghini Jalpa

1984 Lamborghini Jalpa

Very Rare, 1984 Lamborghini Jalpa For Sale

This a rare opportunity to have ownership of the Italian bull under a million dollars. Found this one on Craigslist a very rare Lamborghini Jalpa 1984 model year, the seller says it is only 410 units ever made, and this one is of them. Same as the Countach but much less expensive, the Jalpa was also designed by Bertone but for an affordable model of Lamborghini automobile. If you want to compare it to the Countach, the Jalpa has more advantages, is easier to drive, has better visibility, and is more tractable in heavy traffic and at slow speeds.

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1984 Lamborghini Jalpa Interior

How do you feel about the interior? that was good?... For me, all looks neat, and clean hard to find imperfections here. At first glance it is similar to the Lamborghini Silhouette interior, the Jalpa has larger a steering wheel and the dashboard used a new kind of box-shaped instrumentation also more lather for thicker seats to comfort while driving.

1984 Lamborghini Jalpa Engine

Affordable model, affordable power that was the Jalpa. As shown here is a double overhead camshaft version of the Lamborghini Silhouette engine, called a 3.5L V8 the Jalpa version which is capable to produce 255 hp. The factory claims the Jalpa could accelerate from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.0 seconds, with a top speed of 145 mph (234 km/h), but the Classic & Sports Car magazine, quoted a little slower for acceleration only 6.8 seconds for 0-60 mph.

Detail by seller
Car is in the good shape! Very rare! Only 410 made! V8 3.5l. Call for any questions!

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