May 16, 2016

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus For Sale

Here we found this one on Craigslist, a vintage American school bus made by Chevrolet in 1966 based on the C60 truck series. The owner says it runs and drives well, backed by a 327 V8 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission with less than 90K miles on it, and has the potential to rebuild. Although a small block engine, some people out there say the 327 Chevy has better performance than the 350.

The bus seemed to have changed its function into a motorhome but is unfinished yet, and needs a lot of interior work. Might be interesting to bring during the RVing and Camping season.

Details by seller
This is a 1966 Chevy c60 school bus camper. Has small block Chevy 327 5 speed transmission has air brakes. Camper toilet and shower, bunk and table and refrigerator. This runs has 89,694 miles on it. This is old but runs and can be redone.

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