May 17, 2016

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler For Sale

When the economic recession hit on US in 1958, AMC want to make economical automobiles, they saw an opportunity to revive the small car Nash Rambler with the old Nash design was slightly modified, they launched first generation of the Rambler American.

Here's we found one of them, 1958 Nash Rambler American is said not running need of restoration. Unfortunately no interior and engine bay photos included, also very less detail provided by owner, so must see for seriously buyers.

1958 Nash Rambler

As you've seen here it has a good shape looks has a lot of restoration potential, and though that remains to be seen and asked, but it certainly looks compelling as seen here. Now it was offered in Craigslist for $2500 located in Florence, Alabama.

Details by seller
I have for sale a 1958 Nash Rambler. This is a 6 cylinder Automatic car. (Not Running). It has a good body. The chrome for it is in the car. It would make a good gasser, or hot rod, or put back original. I have a Bill of Sale only for this car as Alabama was not a title state at the time.