June 26, 2016

1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight

1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight

Good Condition, 1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight Sedan

Here's found this one in Craigslist, the title of ad is confusing "1940 Packard 120 Super Eight" written there. In generally known, between One-Twenty and Super Eight is a different model. The One-Twenty is first model of the Packard automobile to entered into the highly competitive mid-priced eight-cylinder car market at that time, while the Super Eight is simply the name given to the luxury models such as the One-Sixty and One-Eighty. All of them has powered by a Straight-eight engine and shared most mechanical components. All looks similar except the packaging and pricing.

As shown here, I am sure is 1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight, can be seen from the shape of the front bumper and grille.

1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight Interior

Minimalist ad, very less information just represented by photos. The interior looks old with few stains and torn. The dash looks cool in wooden elements and all panel equipment still there, it really perfect if still work. Though old, for me that was be a remarkable example for its age, not so hard to redone.

1940 Packard One-Sixty Super Eight Engine

As shown here is a Straight-eight engine is said good condition despite is not used for long time, few new parts has been installed, runs drives and stops. If seriously, you should come a closer inspection for accurately condition.

Detail by seller
1940 Packard 120 Super Eight
Straight 8 cylinder
Overall the Packard is in very good condition.
Runs drives and stops
Brakes are a little spongy but might tighten up with more use.
Had been in storage for many year so we had to replace the fuel tank, fuel lines, filters and fluids.
Extremely solid
Interior is very nice and paint isn't bad either.

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No Longer Available