June 19, 2016

2003 Peterbilt 378 Day Cab Truck

2003 Peterbilt 378 Day Cab Truck

Great Condition, 2003 Peterbilt 378 Day Cab Truck

Here's American traditional truck that was produced by Peterbilt, as you've seen here is the 378 day cab truck was built in 2002 for 2003 year model is said good condition. Similar to the 379, the 378 has a fiberglass hood and steeper hood slope are was popular in local and vocational trucking, as well as over the road applications.

Found this one was listed at Craigslist about a month ago, still available when we write here. As is said the truck was came from a great maintained fleet ready to take over.

2003 Peterbilt 378 Day Cab Truck

The cab is nicely well-equipped for a heavy duty work truck of this era. Additional air weight indicator on center of dash it possible assistant or partner to monitoring the weight tolerance for safety limit during the trip.

2003 Peterbilt 378 Diesel Engine

As shown here is a 335 HP Cummins ISM is a straight six diesel engine designed and produced by Cummins comes with some electronic systems for fuel management and controlled by injectors that was made for reliability, low operating costs and strong performance.

Detail by seller
2003 Peterbilt 378
ISM Cummins
335 HP
10 Speed
Air ride
186 WB
12,000/36,000 rear
With scale
Hydraulic tank
Unit # 2244
Came from a great maintained fleet.
Miles Leasing LLC

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