July 30, 2016

1990 Land Rover Rapier Defender Troop Truck

1990 Land Rover Rapier Defender Pickup

1990 Land Rover Rapier Defender Troop Truck For Sale

Here's a retired British military troop truck based on a rare series of Defender. As shown here a utility line-up 1990 Land Rover Defender comes with a 127-inch wheelbase vehicle designed to accommodate larger and heavier loads than the 110 model, usually used by utility and electrical companies in mind, as well as military usage.

Found this one offered on Craigslist about a month ago and is still online when we write here, for $35000 in Colorado. Land Rover 127 Rapier Defender LHD is said good condition and remains original, powered by a V8 engine with only 96000 km shown at the odometer or about 60K miles. The seller claims to be the only 127 Rapier in the US.

1990 Land Rover Defender Pickup interior

As usual, in a military vehicle, the interior does not have extra mildness all looks strong, spartan, and functional. Unfortunately, no engine photo in its Ad. If you're interested, come closer inspection needed for accurate condition.

Detail by owner
Land Rover 127 Rapier Defender LHD V8 1990 (96,000km). Very rare Land Rover, ex British military, was used to carry rapier missiles. New parts are, Brand new canvas top, seats front and rear, fuel tank, prop shaft, exhaust, distributer. Seating capacity 14 people. Car drives very well and has power steering. Engine very clean and fully serviced. Gear box is the LT85 5 speed. Gearbox is good but it has weak syncro on 2nd when changing down from 3rd can crunch if you don't double clutch. Included in the sale is the original military canvas top and fume curtain and the original military front seats. Open to serious offers. This is probably the only 127 Rapier in the US.

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No Longer Available