July 1, 2016

Barn Find, 1969 Ford Bronco

Barn Find, 1969 Ford Bronco

Barn Find, 1969 Ford Bronco For Sale

This 1969 Ford Bronco is a barn find car, is said still in all original condition, only one owner since new, it has been parked for about 27 years ago on the barn at Kentucky. As you've seen here is the first generation of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured and marketed by Ford known generally as the Bronco, designed on its own platform as the Off-Road Vehicle to compete at the small four-wheel-drive compact SUVs market where the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout already was there.

Only 86800 miles was shown number at odometer, interior looks old but it not rotten is pretty good for its age, it easy job. Frame has a good shape with a few rust was shown and minus a rear bumper and spare tire grip. Seems the engine bay filled by a Straight-6 engine where was said to be running and driving perfectly when parked and have some new parts to get turns it on. Given the long time parked a closer inspection needed to roadworthy. Interested, found this one in Craigslist in Summerville, South Carolina asking $8000.

Detail by owner
This Bronco has had the same owner for 47 years, it has been parked in a shed in Kentucky since 1989. It is extremely rare to find one of these uncut and all original and unheard of to find one with this kind of low "documented" mileage. I have all original paperwork including, Bill of Sale, Window Sticker, Owners Card, Sales Brochure and Maintenance, Warranty repair receipts. I also have a copy of the original title. Currently has a new clear title in hand.

Bronco was said to be running and driving perfectly when parked after owner passed away. We have been able to get it to crank up and run after replacing coil, points, plug wires, couple valves, springs and pushrods. Engine turns smoothly but overall still has some cobwebs to work out. Truck can't be driven yet because the brakes don't work. Most people replace the front drum brakes with discs so I haven't bothered with the brakes. But we did go thru the gears on the lift and transmission shifts smooth. The only part I have replaced since I got it is the tailgate and the 5 tires. The tailgate is a mint OEM tailgate (NOT an aftermarket replacement punch out). Tailgate has been sanded a painted with a coat of red primer. Tires are Goodyear Wrangler (0 miles). Wheels have been sandblasted and painted with white primer. Exhaust will also need to be replaced (due to rust).

Structurally the Bronco is in good shape, all the doors, windows function like new. No sagging in the doors. Frame looks good too with no rot or pitting except where the rear bumper mounts; the last 8 inches needs to be replaced with new tube and bumper added. All the glass is in great shape and all trim and weather stripping is in place. The Body is also in good shape as you can see in the pictures. The sheetmetal parts that will need to be replaced include: rocker panels and the passenger side floorboard panel. There's a thin spot in the bottom corner of the passenger door that will need repair. In case you don't already know, there's several websites that sell early Bronco parts.

Completely restored this truck will be worth $30k + and value is going up with this being the 50th Anniversary of these classics.

Let me know what questions you have, as I get questions and think of more info to add I will update this listing for everyone to read. Inspections are welcome, truck is available to come see in person and is for sale locally so auction could end early.

FAQ seems to be "Why are you selling it? Reason is that I bought this and had it transported to my brothers house in VA who is an excellent old Ford mechanic who happened to be out of work (on strike w/ Verizon). Less than a week after it got to his garage he went back to work and has no time to work on it. So I had transported to my house in SC. I don't have the time or skill to restore it and there aren't any shops around here that have early Bronco experience that I can take it to.

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