December 10, 2016

Old Truck Project, 1947 REO D19

Old Truck Project, 1947 REO D19

Old Truck Project, 1947 REO D19 Speedwagon Truck For Sale

Found this one rare American trucks made by REO Motor Car Company in Michigan. As shown is a D19 model comes from the Speedwagon series built in 1947 VIN: r12597, described as a perfect example of a restored, powered by an original 6-cylinder flatheads engine mated with manual transmission and reportedly runs condition but still needs fixing up and no interior.

Very less info and details provide, but it has a lot of potential and promises in the photos, as long as no hidden issues, this would be a great American classic truck offered in the market today. If you're interested, you should come closer inspection of the actual condition. The truck was offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist for $5500 in Hobart, Indiana.

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For more specific information please here on craigslist