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1982 Mitsubishi Minicab 4x4 Utility Truck

1982 Mitsubishi Minicab 4x4 Utility Truck

1982 Mitsubishi Minicab 4x4 Utility Truck

This very rare pickup truck in the U.S. imported directly from Japan looking for a new home in Seattle, Washington. As shown here is a small utility truck fitted with 4x4 drivetrain that was made by Mitsubishi Motors well-known as the Minicab designed as the kei truck built and sold in Japan for domestic market since 1966 - present.

And this is a third generation released in 1982 come with right hand drive format powered by a 550cc 3-cylinder SOHC engine mated 4-speed manual transmission making it one extremely fuel-efficient trucks on earth today and reportedly only about 22K miles on it, still in greats condition for a 35 years old truck, all still functioning very well. One remarkable 1982 Mitsubishi Minicab 4x4 Utility Truck being offered for sale in Craigslist asking $6000, could be perfect to be a farm truck or just to be off-road toy.

Detail by seller
1982 Mitsubishi Minicab RWD with 4spd manual transmission
Japanese-import & right hand drive (RHD).
Push Lever 2H, 4H & 4L options
3-cylinder SOHC 550cc Kei class micro truck
with LOW MILES!!! (35k kilometers is approx -22,000 miles)
Gets up to 50MPH easily @ 40-45 MPG's.
Lots of options for tires and accessories for setting up for hunting, back country exploration, and winter activities including plowing, etc,
If you'd like to drive on the public roads, easily registered with included documentation.
Available for showing weekdays or over the weekend.
If this posting is still up, it's available.

If you interested this van for sale, please visit link below


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