February 20, 2017

Original M151A2 Military Jeep

Original M151A2 Military Jeep

Original M151A2 Military Jeep for sale

Found this one unmolested example of the M151A2 Military Jeep was offered for sale in Lebanon, as shown here is an original 1968 model that was made by AM General runs and drives well never been modified will released at $5000. Interesting item for those's often talk about military vehicles especially for Vietnam War era.

The M151A2 also well-known as the successor to the M38 (Korean War Jeep), it was produced from 1959 through 1982 and mostly served in the Vietnam War. Originally M151 was produced only by Ford, but then followed by Kaiser and AM General to help production.

Details by owner
This all original Mutt is all original and in good condition for its age which is approx 48 years old, has not been modified in any way, runs and drives. Was saved from being cut into pieces like most of these were. These vehicles were built for the military and not issued a VIN. Body is fairly straight with very little rust with the exception of the battery storage compartment under the passenger seat and a few bullet holes which occurred before I bought it. Also comes with doors and intake/exhaust snorkel kit not shown in pics. This Mutt has been in our family since 1990 we have used it as a trail rig when camping. Hate to sell but family illness forces sale.