March 13, 2017

1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Completely Restored, 1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Found this one nice antique British car being offered for sale in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire. As you've seen here is 1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster has been completely restored and comes with attractive color. The car was already posted on Craigslist about 7 days ago looking for $35000. It has been repainted, with chrome, canvas, and wood material but still retains its original engine, frame, and chassis.

The engine looks clean with nice head chrome, the interior decent condition, leather seems to have a good shape including its carpet. Overall it could be one nice restoration outcome if the Morgan Plus 4 Roadster, was coming from the right hands. It's worth considering.

Details by owner
Completely restored. New wood. New paint. Good oil pressure. American Torque starter. American alternator. 2.2 liter engine. New Stayfast canvas top. Lots of fun to drive. Call for more information. Owner is a retired master technician who owned his own Mercedes and Porsche repair shop and worked as a mechanic for a Morgan dealer. Asking $35,000.