March 12, 2017

1973 Triumph Stag Needs Few Works

1973 Triumph Stag Need Light Works

1973 Triumph Stag Needs Few Works

Found this one rare British car with Italian taste being offered for sale in Carigslist, asking $5300 located in Auburn, Alabama. As shown here is 1973 Triumph Stag is said good condition, but needs few works to be perfect. It has a lot of part could be important bone to entering a light restoring project.

The Triumph Stag is a luxury sports car sold between 1970 and 1978 by British automaker Triumph Motor Company, were styled by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. That was designed to compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz SL class models for the era.

1973 Triumph Stag Interior

As you've seen here is four-seater convertible coupe, with a B-pillar "roll bar" hoop connected to the windscreen frame by a T-bar, overall the interior look has a good shape far from a rotten or torn and the owner says it have a removable hardtop can be included as standard equipment.

1973 Triumph Stag engine

Not so good angle view, but it look correctly a 145 HP 2,997 cc V8 engine, that was backed by automatic transmission. Reportedly runs well with 83340 miles on it. 9.3 seconds needed to coverage 0 to 60 and 116 mph for top speed, all numbers obtained when new. For reputation is not so shine, the mechanical unreliability, usually in the form of overheating, such as cooling problems, lubrication and ignition system, so it needs extra attentions and must always cared for.

Detail about this car by owner
We have a 1973 Stag that has the original engine with air conditioning. That car sat stored inside since 1998. We replaced the fuel pump, cleaned and repaired the carbs, put in a battery, cleaned and adjusted the points, added a power steering pump and fluid, cleaned it up..... And got him running again.

All the lights and idiot lights seem to work, as do the power windows. The engine runs strong but still needs to be fine-tuned - probably timing and dwell angle on points.

The top frame works flawlessly- rare for this car. The canvass material will need to be replaced. We also have a workable hardtop that we can include in the sale. The hard top will need some minor work, but all of it is there.

Brakes seem to be firm and good. Transmission shifted as it should. Power steering works.

Interior is in decent shape.

The body is solid except for a few minor areas on the floor pan(s) most the driver side front. Both rear pan sections appear good. Doors and seams underneath are very clean. Trunk is clean except for surface rust on top side. No rust on the underside of trunk lid was noticed. Trunk floor appears to be solid as does the area underneath the rear seat.