November 7, 2017

1980 Nissan Patrol G60

1980 Nissan Patrol G60

1980 Nissan Patrol G60 For Sale

There are only two Japanese all-terrain vehicles that are the most reliable and have had a great reputation in the world for decades, yes, you are familiar with the big names Land Cruiser or Patrol.

However, today we showing the Patrol, produced by Nissan Motors since the 50s, designed to compete with its traditional competitor Toyota Land Cruiser for domestic and worldwide markets. It's a second generation of the Nissan Patrol released in 1980, a pretty cool long-wheelbase called the G60 series, currently offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist for $24995 in Los Angeles, California.

It's a quite rare vehicle in the US, and the Patrol is not as large as the Land Cruiser population here. Offered by Nissan to worldwide markets from 1960 to 1970, and for the US from 1962 to 1969. Like the Land Cruiser, the Patrol was very popular in Australia, and believed their population was huge there. But the Patrol offered here is not made for export, it's one example of only being sold for the Japanese domestic market (JDM), currently being ready in the US but was imported directly from Japan to California.

In that period, Nissan Motors tried to present a toughness feeling inside and outside, like a workhorse. That contradictory concept to its modern Patrol, where luxury is considered a necessity. Most all-terrain vehicles of that period had interiors that appeared naked, unwrapped in entirety, and strong metal surrounding you inside, such as on the dash, door, and floor, all looked spartan, similar to a war vehicle style.

However not all interior angles are provided in photos, and hard to find imperfections from here, but we believe all have been touched by renovated, such as the steering and front seats are new, even not original parts.

It's not about rebuilding in total, only a well-maintenance engine with a lot of new parts just installed recently. Like a new car, all Looks so clean and neat without being disturbed by cable clutter. The engine bay is filled fully by a 4.0 L P I6 (gas) engine backed by a 4-speed manual transmission with part-time four-wheel drive, which makes this Patrol quite promising, moreover, only 65K figures are shown at a working properly odometer.

Detail by owner
1980 Nissan Patrol (G60 Last Model Year)
*Rare JDM/RHD in USA
*Custom A/C, UpGrade Full Transistor Ignition System, 16" 2pc Alloy wheel,
*Spyderco x 4x4Engineering x Recoro Seat (Japan only limited Model),
*65000 km = 40000 miles
*Price Asking $24,995 obo

Newly Install :
New Spark Plug, New Battery, New Air Cleaner Filter
Rebuild Carburetor, Rebuild Voltage Regulator, Used Full Transistor Ignition System
New Muffler , New Steering Dumper, New Shift Boots, New Soft Top & Side clear Window
Rebuild Radiator, New Radiator Cap, New Radiator Hose, New Heater Hose
Rebuild A/C Compressor, New A/C Dryer & Valve (Retro fit to R134), New A/C Temp Sensor,Relay & Wiring
New Rear Bench Seat x2, New AutoMeter Tacho Meter

Maintenance Done :
Engine Oil, M/T Oil, Diff Oil (F&R), Transfer Oil, Brake Fluid, Chassis Lubrication
Brake Master Cylinder Overhaul, Brake Cylinder Overhaul x4, Clutch Cylinder Overhaul
Rebuild Carburetor , Used Full Transistor Ignition System, Rebuild Voltage Regulator,
Rebuild A/C Compressor, A/C Dryer & Valve (Retro fit to R134), A/C Temp Sensor,Relay & Wiring
Rebuild Radiator, Coolant Flush, Rebuild Heater Valve , Rebuild Head Light Wiring, Front Seat Upholstery