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1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan For Sale

This is very old car being offered for sale at Craigslist, is one example of the late production cars made by an American manufacturer Franklin Automobile Company. As shown here is 1923 Franklin 10B Sedan recently fresh out of 35 years storage.

Franklin was a luxury brand for its era, that was sold about 150,000 cars over the course of more than 30 years in existence. And this believed as one original example were still exist today. Interesting candidate as antique restoration project.

Detail by owner
Recently brought out of 35 year storage a very nice 1923 Franklin 10B sedan, air cooled 6 cylinder, very nice wood and body, car was driven around the block every few years. The car has been here in the high desert of Oregon where it is very dry which has preserved the car well. I'am in the process of getting her up and running now. I am taking offers on the car as they are extremely rare and hard to find any comparable values.

If you're interested about this car, please here on Craigslist


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