September 19, 2022

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles For Sale

Found this one nice example of the best 80s cars was posted at craigslist about 26 days ago and still online today, as shown here is Audi 4000S build in 1984 ready to adopt. The car looks clean outside to inside has perfect shape to, like a new car only 50k miles on it.

The car was affordable to buy, cheap to run and a huge amount of fun, but it has some issue. So if you're interested should come to closer inspection to find out its actually condition.

The interior looks nice judging from the photos but remember its not a new car its a used car, so it would be perffect base to restore.

This not original motor, as we know this model has straight-five engine same as late model 80's VW Rabbit GTI, so parts are very easy to come by.

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Detail by owner
Up for consideration is our classic Audi. Its as clean as the photos present it as. Its coming from a vintage VW/Audi car collector who only owns VW's. with only 50k miles It has a few quirks to it but runs and starts every-time. it has the late model 80's VW Rabbit GTI 1.7L, FWD motor in it - so parts are very easy to come by.
Video walkthrough of the car:
I will take the best offer. I need to sell this car to work on a scirocco we just receive. Our collection for reference consists of: a beetle convertible, baywindow westfalia, diesel rabbit, this Audi 4000, and now a scirocco. (we know this car top to bottom.) The specialty rims are off it and currently have the original stock steelies with hubcaps. I have the rims pictured still, but am missing some hardware/ one rim doesnt have the rubber from a flat. Negotiable if youd like the rims with the car or only the rims are for sale as well. Automatic windows, power steering, A/C (does not work but is still intact), crank sunroof, automatic door locks. We replaced the original spark plugs on the car and O2 sensor. Has the window regulators already replaced and a new exhaust as well. front brakes were replaced but may need the rears done now. the radiator has also been replaced. Still has the original audi carpet floor mats, shop manual, and not a single tear in the seats. There is only one issue with it right now - the transmission slips in 3rd gear under load. It has a 3 speed automatic, 2nd gear gets you to 50mph, so you cant really get it on the freeway - streets only for now until you or a shop can take a look at it. We're thinking it either needs new fluid, a flush, or worst case third gear drum needs to be replaced/resurfaced. Maybe its just a torque converter issue... Discount price for the issue. Car still has lots of years of life in her and runs perfectly. Car is only a 3 owner car. It was a Beverly Hills car, then made its way up to oregon shortly with its second owner, Made its way back down to LA to be used on a pilot tv series We purchased her afterwards. Making us technically the 4th owner, but we're not counting the production crew owners. Tho they too are avid vintage car collectors. Paperwork is included, car is in my name and has been for 2+ years. Only thing im looking to trade for is a 2 or 3 cylinder diesel boat motor. Thanks for looking