June 8, 2023

Performance Package, 2018 Lexus LC500

Performance Package, 2018 Lexus LC500

Performance Package, 2018 Lexus LC500 For Sale By Owner

A luxury high-performance coupe offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist is a used 2018 Lexus LC500, nearly five years old and still in immaculate condition, and looking for who can take good care of him. The Lexus LC500 Grand Tourer was offered by the luxury vehicle division of Toyota under the Lexus badge to American users from 2017 to the present, which is the first generation of Lexus LC, the name "LC" stands for "Luxury Coupe".

This very well-cared-for 2018 Lexus LC500 has about 22500 miles on it, a rare car you will not often see on the road. Everything is still in factory original condition never been touched by modifications and has never been hit by accidents.

2018 Lexus LC500 Engine

Under the hood of the LC500 is a 5.0-liter V8 engine mated with a 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission that can produce 471 HP and 398 lb-ft. No words for the mechanical issue or oil leaks it's a fantastic engine. You will not feel a swoon sensation at the G’s pulled at wide open throttle, the LC500 feels a tad sluggish at launch because they don't use a turbocharger - they breathe with a naturally aspirated. But, with a good amount of shove, once you hit 3,000 rpm, power comes on linearly and relentlessly right up to its 7,300 rpm redline, fantastic.

2018 Lexus LC500 Interior

The interior is a luxurious bold. Just take a look at how much surface is covered in that luscious black, every surface, not just the seats and dashboard, but everything. Suede and Alcantara line the door panels and headliner and if it’s not suede, it’s leather.

2018 Lexus LC500 rear end

The design is aggressive and sporty but not matched by its performance because of the different philosophies of these two things. Performance is limited by the philosophy of luxury in all respects, demanding modesty and delicacy in their demeanor or mannerisms. But not in appearances that philosophize about beauty demanding exotic freedom like a piece of art.

The LC500 is not a pure sports car but is a luxurious car. Though a performance package with variable-ratio steering is clever, the heavy front end and the constant fight for traction really limit this car to the streets. Keep the LC 500 relaxed, putter on at a hypotensive pace, and the Lexus will reward you with a comfortable ride instead.

Detail by owner
For sale 2018 Lexus LC 500, Performance Package with the carbon fiber roof… 22,500 miles on it. No mechanical issues at all, recently serviced at Crown Lexus in Ontario. Custom star lit headliner, Revivify coating on the paint (like ceramic coat but silicone based) pristine condition, V8 5.0 Liter engine, rare car not many on the road.